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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Sep-2015Accounting for universities’ impact: using augmented data to measure academic engagement and commercialization by academic scientistsPerkmann, M; Fini, R; Ross, J; Salter, A; Silvestri, C, et al
1-Oct-1999Building governance institutions across European bordersPerkmann, M
1-Apr-2003Cross-border regions in Europe - Significance and drivers of regional cross-border co-operationPerkmann, M
1-May-2011Engaging excellence? Effects of faculty quality on university engagement with industryPerkmann, M; King, Z; Pavelin, S
1-Dec-2008Engaging the scholar: Three types of academic consulting and their impact on universities and industryPerkmann, M; Walsh, K
1-Jun-2008How are management fashions institutionalized? The role of institutional workPerkmann, M; Spicer, A
11-Jul-2014How emerging organizations take form: The role of imprinting and values in organizational bricolage (open access article)Perkmann, M; Spicer, A
1-Jun-2015Open data partnerships between firms and universities: The role of boundary organizationsPerkmann, M; Schildt, H
25-Sep-2016Organizational settlements: theorizing how organizations respond to institutional complexitySchildt, H; Perkmann, M
1-Aug-1998Social integration and system integration: Reconsidering the classical distinctionPerkmann, M
1-Dec-2009The two faces of collaboration: impacts of university-industry relations on public researchPerkmann, M; Walsh, K
1-Dec-2007University-industry relationships and open innovation: Towards a research agendaPerkmann, M; Walsh, K