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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2015A good patient? How notions of ‘a good patient’ affect patient-nurse relationships and ART adherence in ZimbabweCampbell, C; Scott, K; Skovdal, M; Madanhire, C; Nyamukapa, C, et al
22-Feb-2017A reconfiguration of the sex trade: How social and structural changes in eastern Zimbabwe left women involved in sex work and transactional sex more vulnerableElmes, JAR; Skovdal, M; Nhongo, K; Ward, H; Campbell, C, et al
20-Jan-2016Can Schools Support HIV/AIDS-Affected Children? Exploring the 'Ethic of Care' amongst Rural Zimbabwean TeachersCampbell, C; Andersen, L; Mutsikiwa, A; Madanhire, C; Nyamukapa, C, et al
1-Jul-2011Contextual and psychosocial influences on antiretroviral therapy adherence in rural Zimbabwe: towards a systematic framework for programme plannersSkovdal, M; Campbell, C; Nhongo, K; Nyamukapa, C; Gregson, S
8-Aug-2006Creating and validating an algorithm to measure AIDS mortality in the adult population using verbal autopsyLopman, BA; Barnabas, RV; Boerma, JT; Chawira, G; Gaitskell, K, et al
10-Mar-2016Data resource profile: network for analysing longitudinal population-based HIV/AIDS data on Africa (ALPHA Network)Reniers, G; Wamukoya, M; Urassa, M; Nyaguara, A; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J, et al
30-Apr-2017Empirical validation of the UNAIDS Spectrum model for subnational HIV estimates: case-study of children and adults in Manicaland, ZimbabweSilhol, R; Gregson, S; Nyamukapa, C; Mhangara, M; Dzangare, J, et al
20-Nov-2014HIV in Children in a General Population Sample in East Zimbabwe: Prevalence, Causes and EffectsPufall, EL; Nyamukapa, C; Eaton, JW; Mutsindiri, R; Chawira, G, et al
11-Dec-2015Implications of Teacher Life–Work Histories for Conceptualisations of 'Care': Narratives from Rural ZimbabweCoultas, C; Broaddus, E; Campbell, C; Andersen, L; Mutsikiwa, A, et al
1-Dec-2014In what ways do communities support optimal antiretroviral treatment in Zimbabwe?Scott, K; Campbell, C; Madanhire, C; Skovdal, M; Nyamukapa, C, et al
29-Nov-2015It’s harder for boys? Children’s representations of their HIV/AIDS-affected peers in ZimbabweLeRoux-Rutledge, E; Guerlain, M; Andersen, L; Madanhire, C; Mutsikiwa, A, et al
15-May-2011Masculinity as a barrier to men's use of HIV services in ZimbabweSkovdal, M; Campbell, C; Madanhire, C; Mupambireyi, Z; Nyamukapa, C, et al
31-Dec-2016Might ART adherence estimates be improved by combining biomarker and self-report data?Rhead, RD; Masimirembwa, C; Cooke, G; Takaruza, A; Nyamukapa, C, et al
3-Jul-2015Migration as a risk factor for school dropout amongst children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS: a prospective study in eastern Zimbabwe.Pufall, EL; Nyamukapa, C; Robertson, L; Mushore, PG; Takaruza, A, et al
1-Nov-2014Mortality trends in the era of antiretroviral therapy: evidence from the Network for Analysing Longitudinal Population based HIV/AIDS data on Africa (ALPHA)Reniers, G; Slaymaker, E; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J; Nyamukapa, C; Crampin, AC, et al
1-Jun-2010Patterns of self-reported behaviour change associated with receiving voluntary counselling and testing in a longitudinal study from Manicaland, Zimbabwe.Cremin, I; Nyamukapa, C; Sherr, L; Hallett, TB; Chawira, G, et al
1-Jul-2016Providing a conceptual framework for HIV prevention cascades and assessing feasibility of empirical measurement with data from east Zimbabwe: a case studyGarnett, GP; Hallett, TB; Takaruza, A; Hargreaves, J; Rhead, R, et al
9-Nov-2016Rising levels of HIV infection in older adults in eastern ZimbabweNegin, J; Gregson, S; Eaton, JW; Schur, N; Takaruza, A, et al
18-Jan-2017Social contact structures and time use patterns in the Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe.Melegaro, A; Del Fava, E; Poletti, P; Merler, S; Nyamukapa, C, et al
28-Feb-2017Spatial patterns of HIV prevalence and Service Use in East Zimbabwe: implications for future targeting of interventionsSchaefer, R; Gregson, S; Takaruza, A; Rhead, R; Masoka, T, et al