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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-May-2014Health inequalities in European cities: perceptions and beliefs among local policymakersMorrison, J; Pons-Vigués, M; Bécares, L; Burström, B; Gandarillas, A, et al
24-Apr-2015Mother's education and the risk of preterm and small for gestational age birth: a DRIVERS meta-analysis of 12 European cohortsRuiz, M; Goldblatt, P; Morrison, J; Kukla, L; Švancara, J, et al
-Optimal Aero-Structural Design of an Adaptive Surface for Boundary Layer Motivation Using an Auxetic Lattice SkinGarland, M; Santer, M; Morrison, J
6-Oct-2014Systematic review of parenting interventions in European countries aiming to reduce social inequalities in children’s health and developmentMorrison, J; Pikhart, H; Ruiz, M; Goldblatt, P
1-Feb-2017The determination and enhancement of compliant modes for actuation in structural assembliesBird, J; Santer, M; Morrison, J