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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Oct-2016A critical role for IRF5 in regulating allergic airway inflammationByrne, AJ; Weiss, M; Mathie, SA; Walker, S; Eames, HL, et al
3-Aug-2009Activin-A induces regulatory T cells that suppress T helper cell immune responses and protect from allergic airway diseaseSemitekolou, M; Alissafi, T; Aggelakopoulou, M; Kourepini, E; Kariyawasam, HH, et al
15-Mar-2014Alternaria-derived serine protease activity drives IL-33-mediated asthma exacerbationsSnelgrove, RJ; Gregory, LG; Peiro, T; Akthar, S; Campbell, GA, et al
28-Nov-2014Alveolar macrophages are sentinels of murine pulmonary homeostasis following inhaled antigen challenge.Mathie, SA; Dixon, KL; Walker, SA; Tyrrell, V; Mondhe, M, et al
23-Jun-2010Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)-4 and BMP-7 regulate differentially Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-beta 1 in normal human lung fibroblasts (NHLF)Pegorier, S; Campbell, GA; Kay, AB; Lloyd, CM
1-Dec-2013Endothelin-1 directs airway remodeling and hyper-reactivity in a murine asthma modelGregory, LG; Jones, CP; Mathie, SA; Pegorier, S; Lloyd, CM
24-Feb-2017Heterozygous Vangl2 looptail mice reveal novel roles for the planar cell polarity pathway in adult lung homeostasis and repairPoobalasingam, T; Yates, LL; Walker, SA; Pereira, M; Gross, NY, et al
1-Jan-2013IL-25 drives remodelling in allergic airways disease induced by house dust miteGregory, LG; Jones, CP; Walker, SA; Sawant, D; Gowers, KHC, et al
13-Oct-2016Intra-epithelial Neutrophils in Paediatric Severe Asthma are Associated with Better Lung Function.Andersson, CK; Adams, A; Nagakumar, P; Bossley, C; Gupta, A, et al
23-Jul-2013Lung Macrophages Contribute to House Dust Mite Driven Airway Remodeling via HIF-1 alphaByrne, AJ; Jones, CP; Gowers, K; Rankin, SM; Lloyd, CM
5-Mar-2015Pediatric severe asthma with fungal sensitization is mediated by steroid-resistant IL-33Castanhinha, S; Sherburn, RT; Walker, SA; Gupta, A; Bossley, CJ, et al
6-Jul-2009Peptide immunotherapy in allergic asthma generates IL-10-dependent immunological tolerance associated with linked epitope suppressionCampbell, JD; Buckland, KF; McMillan, SJ; Kearley, J; Oldfield, WLG, et al
1-Apr-2015Pericytes contribute to airway remodeling in a mouse model of chronic allergic asthmaJohnson, JR; Folestad, E; Rowley, JE; Noll, EM; Walker, SA, et al
3-Apr-2015Perinatal paracetamol exposure in mice does not affect the development of allergic airways disease in early life.Lee, DC; Walker, SA; Byrne, AJ; Gregory, LG; Buckley, J, et al
12-Mar-2016Pulmonary macrophages: a new therapeutic pathway in fibrosing lung disease?Byrne, AJ; Maher, TM; Lloyd, CM
10-Sep-2016Pulmonary ORMDL3 is critical for induction of Alternaria induced allergic airways diseaseLöser, S; Gregory, LG; Zhang, Y; Schaefer, K; Walker, SA, et al
5-Dec-2005Resolution of airway inflammation and hyperreactivity after in vivo transfer of CD4(+) CD25(+) regulatory T cells is interleukin 10 dependentKearley, J; Barker, JE; Robinson, DS; Lloyd, CM
1-Jul-2008Respiratory syncytial virus infection provokes airway remodelling in allergen-exposed mice in absence of prior allergen sensitization (vol 38, pg 1016, 2008)Tourdot, S; Mathie, S; Hussell, T; Edwards, L; Wang, H, et al
15-Aug-2012Th17 responses in chronic allergic airway inflammation abrogate regulatory T-cell-mediated tolerance and contribute to airway remodelingZhao, J; Lloyd, CM; Noble, A
11-Jun-2007Th2-driven, allergen-induced airway inflammation is reduced after treatment with anti-Tim-3 antibody in vivoKearley, J; McMillan, SJ; Lloyd, CM