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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2000Ab initio, nonperturbative calculations of laser-induced continuum structure in heliumPaspalakis, E; Kylstra, NJ; Knight, PL
1-Oct-2005Atomic spin decoherence near conducting and superconducting filmsScheel, S; Rekdal, PK; Knight, PL; Hinds, EA
1-Jul-2001Atoms interacting with intense, high-frequency laser pulses: Effect of the magnetic-field component on atomic stabilizationde Aldana, JRV; Kylstra, NJ; Roso, L; Knight, PL; Patel, A, et al
1-Nov-2000Bell's inequality test with entangled atomsBeige, A; Munro, WJ; Knight, PL
28-Aug-2000Breakdown of stabilization of atoms interacting with intense, high-frequency laser pulsesKylstra, NJ; Worthington, RA; Patel, A; Knight, PL; de Aldana, JRV, et al
1-May-1997Broadcasting of entanglement via local copyingBuzek, V; Vedral, V; Plenio, MB; Knight, PL; Hillery, M
1-Oct-1996Cavity modified quantum beatsGarraway, BM; Knight, PL
1-Sep-1997Cavity QED with cold trapped ionsBuzek, V; Drobny, G; Kim, MS; Adam, G; Knight, PL
13-Jan-2016Cavity-Free Scheme for Nondestructive Detection of a Single Optical PhotonXia, K; Johnsson, M; Knight, PL; Twamley, J
1-Mar-1999Cavity-loss-induced generation of entangled atomsPlenio, MB; Huelga, SF; Beige, A; Knight, PL
1-Feb-2000Coherent manipulation of two-dipole-dipole interacting ionsBeige, A; Huelga, SF; Knight, PL; Plenio, MB; Thompson, RC
1-Jul-2001Coherent phenomena in photonic crystalsAngelakis, DG; Paspalakis, E; Knight, PL
1-Jun-1997Conditional generation of error syndromes in fault-tolerant error correctionPlenio, MB; Vedral, V; Knight, PL
1-Nov-1996Conditional probabilities for a single photon at a beam splitterJacobs, K; Knight, PL
14-Apr-2005Cooling many particles at onceBeige, A; Knight, PL; Vitiello, G
1-Jan-2001Copying of entangled states and the degradation of correlationsMasiak, P; Knight, PL
1-Aug-1996Dark pair coherent states of the motion of a trapped ionGou, SC; Steinbach, J; Knight, PL
15-Dec-1997Decoherence and quantum error correctionKnight, PL; Plenio, MB; Vedral, V
1-Jul-1998Decoherence in nonclassical motional states of a trapped ionMurao, M; Knight, PL
8-Oct-1997Decoherence limits to quantum computation using trapped ionsPlenio, MB; Knight, PL