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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Mar-2015Broadband plasmon photocurrent generation from Au nanoparticles/ mesoporous TiO2 nanotube electrodesWu, X; Zhang, X; Price, D; Ryan, M; Riley, J, et al
15-Jan-2016Correlation of local structure and diffusion pathways in the modulated anisotropic oxide ion conductor CeNbO4.25Skinner, SJ; Horsfield, A; Pramana, S; Wu, J; Tucker, M, et al
17-Jun-2015Entanglements in marginal solutions: a means of tuning pre-aggregation of conjugated polymers with positive implications for charge transportHu, H; Zhao, K; Fernandes, N; Boufflet, P; Bannock, JH, et al
15-Dec-2015Exploring and controlling intrinsic defect formation in SnO2 thin filmsPorte, Y; Maller, R; Faber, H; Alshareef, H; Anthopoulos, T, et al
5-Apr-2016Low-Temperature Solution-Processed Electron Transport Layers for Inverted Polymer Solar CellsMcLachlan, MA; Faria, JCD; Morbidoni, M; Porte, Y; Burgess, CH, et al
22-Jul-2015Modeling in vivo interactions of engineered nanoparticles in the pulmonary alveolar lining fluidMukherjee, D; Porter, A; Ryan, M; Schwander, S; Chung, KF, et al
12-Jul-2016Multistate resistive switching memory for synaptic memory applicationsHota, MK; Hedhili, MN; Wehbe, N; Mclachlan, MA; Alshareef, HN
24-May-2016Probing the doping mechanisms and electrical properties of Al, Ga and In doped ZnO prepared by spray pyrolysisMaller, R; Porte, Y; Alshareef, H; McLachlan, MA
22-Mar-2017Quantitative volumetric Raman imaging of three dimensional cell culturesKallepitis, C; Bergholt, MS; Mazo, MM; Leonardo, V; Skaalure, SC, et al
6-Jun-2016Redox behavior of the SOFC electrode candidate NdBaMn2O5+d investigated by high-temperature in situ neutron diffraction: first real-time characterisation of an LnBaMn2O5.5 intermediate phaseSkinner, SJ; Tonus, F; Bahout, M; Dorcet, V; Smith, RI, et al
2-Mar-2017Understanding surface structure and chemistry of single crystal lanthanum aluminatePramana, SS; Cavallaro, A; Qi, J; Nicklin, CL; Ryan, MP, et al
16-Oct-2015Why Ni is absent from the surface of La2NiO4+delta?Horsfield, AP; Wu, J; Skinner, S; Pramana, S
18-Jun-2015ZnO nanorod arrays as electron injection layers for efficient organic light emitting diodesFaria, JCD; Campbell, AJ; McLachlan, MA