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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jan-2012A genome-wide association search for type 2 diabetes genes in African Americans.Palmer, ND; McDonough, CW; Hicks, PJ; Roh, BH; Wing, MR, et al
27-Jul-2016Analysis with the exome array identifies multiple new independent variants in lipid loci.Kanoni, S; Masca, NG; Stirrups, KE; Varga, TV; Warren, HR, et al
18-Aug-2016Effects of hormonal contraception on systemic metabolism: cross-sectional and longitudinal evidenceWang, Q; Würtz, P; Auro, K; Morin-Papunen, L; Kangas, AJ, et al
21-Apr-2016Erratum to: A coherent approach for analysis of the Illumina HumanMethylation450 BeadChip improves data quality and performance in epigenome-wide association studies.Lehne, B; Drong, AW; Loh, M; Zhang, W; Scott, WR, et al
12-Jan-2017Evidence for large-scale gene-by-smoking interaction effects on pulmonary function.Aschard, H; Tobin, MD; Hancock, DB; Skurnik, D; Sood, A, et al
24-Feb-2017Heterozygous Vangl2 looptail mice reveal novel roles for the planar cell polarity pathway in adult lung homeostasis and repairPoobalasingam, T; Yates, LL; Walker, SA; Pereira, M; Gross, NY, et al
24-May-2016How would a decision to leave the European Union affect medical research and health in the United Kingdom?Majeed, F; Hansell, A; Saxena, S; Millett, C; Ward, H, et al
28-Nov-2016KLB is associated with alcohol drinking, and its gene product β-Klotho is necessary for FGF21 regulation of alcohol preferenceSchumann, G; Liu, C; O'Reilly, P; Gao, H; Song, P, et al
12-Mar-2013Rare genomic structural variants in complex disease: lessons from the replication of associations with obesityWalters, RG; Coin, LJ; Ruokonen, A; De Smith, AJ; El-Sayed Moustafa, JS, et al
14-Apr-2016Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Status and Longitudinal Changes in Weight and Waist Circumference: Influence of Genetic Predisposition to Adiposity.Larsen, SC; Ängquist, L; Moldovan, M; Huikari, V; Sebert, S, et al
12-Sep-2016Trans-ancestry meta-analyses identify rare and common variants associated with blood pressure and hypertensionSurendran, P; Drenos, F; Young, R; Warren, H; Cook, JP, et al