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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2015A shared mechanism of muscle wasting in cancer and Huntington's disease.Mielcarek, M; Isalan, M
27-Sep-2014A split intein T7 RNA polymerase for transcriptional AND-logicSchaerli, Y; Gili, M; Isalan, M
23-Sep-2014A unified design space of synthetic stripe-forming networks.Schaerli, Y; Munteanu, A; Gili, M; Cotterell, J; Sharpe, J, et al
26-Aug-2016An impaired metabolism of nucleotides underpins a novel mechanism of cardiac remodeling leading to Huntington's disease related cardiomyopathyToczek, M; Zielonka, D; Zukowska, P; Marcinkowski, JT; Slominska, E, et al
1-Dec-2016Changes in cardiac nucleotide metabolism in Huntington’s diseaseToczek, M; Kutryb-Zajac, B; Zukowska, P; Slominska, E; Isalan, M, et al
1-Apr-2008Computer design of obligate heterodimer meganucleases allows efficient cutting of custom DNA sequencesFajardo-Sanchez, E; Stricher, F; Paques, F; Isalan, M; Serrano, L
14-Aug-2014Cooperativity To Increase Turing Pattern Space for Synthetic BiologyIsalan, M; Diambra, L; Senthivel, VR; Menendez, DB
6-Sep-2016Deimmunization for gene therapy: host matching of synthetic zinc finger constructs enables long-term mutant Huntingtin repression in miceAgustín-Pavón, C; Mielcarek, M; Garriga-Canut, M; Isalan, M
16-Dec-2016Engineering orthogonal dual transcription factors for multi-input synthetic promotersBroedel, AK; Jaramillo, A; Isalan, M
17-Apr-2008Evolvability and hierarchy in rewired bacterial gene networksIsalan, M; Lemerle, C; Michalodimitrakis, K; Horn, C; Beltrao, P, et al
4-Jan-2016From noise to synthetic nucleoli: can synthetic biology achieve new insights?Ciechonska, M; Grob, A; Isalan, M
6-Dec-2013Genetically encoded sender-receiver system in 3D mammalian cell cultureCarvalho, A; Barcena Menendez, D; Raj Senthivel, V; Zimmermann, T; Diambra, L, et al
16-Dec-2016Identifying ultrasensitive HGF dose-response functions in a 3D mammalian system for synthetic morphogenesisSenthivel, V; Sturrock, M; Piedrafita, G; Isalan, M
9-Jun-2011p53 Gene Repair with Zinc Finger Nucleases Optimised by Yeast 1-Hybrid and Validated by Solexa SequencingHerrmann, F; Garriga-Canut, M; Baumstark, R; Fajardo-Sanchez, E; Cotterell, J, et al
2-Oct-2014Sender-receiver systems and applying information theory for quantitative synthetic biology.Barcena Menendez, D; Senthivel, VR; Isalan, M
1-Oct-2014Synthetic biology and therapeutic strategies for the degenerating brain: Synthetic biology approaches can transform classical cell and gene therapies, to provide new cures for neurodegenerative diseases.Agustín-Pavón, C; Isalan, M
6-Nov-2012Synthetic zinc finger repressors reduce mutant huntingtin expression in the brain of R6/2 miceGarriga-Canut, M; Agustin-Pavon, C; Herrmann, F; Sanchez, A; Dierssen, M, et al
16-Dec-2015The propagation of perturbations in rewired bacterial gene networksBaumstark, R; Hanzelmann, S; Tsuru, S; Schaerli, Y; Francesconi, M, et al
31-Dec-2017Transcriptional signature of an altered purine metabolism in the skeletal muscle of a Huntington’s disease mouse modelMielcarek, M; Smolenski, RT; Isalan, M
25-Sep-2014β-Catenin Fluctuates in Mouse ESCs and Is Essential for Nanog-Mediated Reprogramming of Somatic Cells to Pluripotency.Marucci, L; Pedone, E; Di Vicino, U; Sanuy-Escribano, B; Isalan, M, et al