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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Sep-2015A self-supporting broadband zoned fishnet metamaterial lens operaring at the millimetre-wave V-bandOrazbayev, B; Pacheco-Peña, V; Beruete, M; Navarro-Cia, M
6-Mar-2017Ab initio quantum Monte Carlo simulation of the warm dense electron gasDornheim, T; Groth, S; Malone, FD; Schoof, T; Sjostrom, T, et al
7-Oct-2016Ab Initio Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of the Warm Dense Electron Gas in the Thermodynamic LimitDornheim, T; Groth, S; Sjostrom, T; Malone, FD; Foulkes, WMC, et al
Jan-2014Accounting for behaviours and context in evaluations of complex health interventionsCravo Oliveira, Tiago
7-Sep-2016Accurate exchange-correlation energies for the warm dense electron gasMalone, FD; Blunt, NS; Brown, EW; Lee, DKK; Spencer, JS, et al
23-Jan-2017Acquired CYP19A1 amplification is an early specific mechanism of aromatase inhibitor resistance in ERα metastatic breast cancerMagnani, L; Frige, G; Gadaleta, RM; Corleone, G; Fabris, S, et al
Sep-2015Advanced laboratory studies to explore the axial cyclic behaviour of driven pilesAghakouchak, Amin
15-Jun-2016Ag(I)-catalyzed C-H activation: the role of the Ag(I) salt in Pd/Ag mediated C-H arylation of electron-deficient arenesWhitaker, D; Burés, J; Larrosa, I
Jul-2015Analysis of stability and viscous-inviscid interaction in compressible boundary layersde Cointet, Thomas
Sep-2015Analysis of the apoptotic threshold at the onset of embryonic differentiationSanchez Nieto, Juan Miguel
Sep-2013Analysis of very low quality speech for mask-based enhancementGonzalez, Sira
Apr-2013The Application of Adaptive Mesh Techniques to Convective Processes in OceanographyMacTavish, Flora Pamela
Aug-2014Application of dioxinone derivatives for synthesis of aromatic compoundsBlencowe, Peter Stewart
Feb-2015Assessing transition policies for the diffusion of electric vehiclesMazur, Christoph
Nov-2012Assumption-based Argumentation DialoguesFan, Xiuyi
Oct-2016Automated optimization of numerical methods for partial differential equationsLuporini, Fabio
Jul-2014The baseline instantaneous wave-free ratio as an index of coronary disease severity: relationship with fractional flow reserve and coronary flow reservePetraco Da Cunha, Ricardo
Jan-2015Behaviour and design of prestressed steel structuresGosaye Fida Kaba, Jonathan
2012Behaviour of high Mach number boundary layers with sudden pressure gradient changesLuthman, Elizabeth
Sep-2014Biomechanical regulation of permeability in Schlemm’s canal endothelium with respect to glaucomaBraakman, Sietse