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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2012Characteristics of horizontal liquid-liquid flows in a circular pipe using simultaneous high-speed laser-induced fluorescence and particle velocimetryMorgan, RG; Markides, CN; Zadrazil, I; Hewitt, GF
1-Oct-2013Disturbance wave development in two-phase gas-liquid upwards vertical annular flowZhao, Y; Markides, CN; Matar, OK; Hewitt, GF
12-Oct-2016On the role of buoyancy-driven instabilities in horizontal liquid–liquid flowMorgan, RG; Ibarra, R; Zadrazil, I; Matar, OK; Hewitt, GF, et al
1-Jan-2013Phenomenological modeling of critical heat flux: The GRAMP code and its validationAhmad, M; Chandraker, DK; Hewitt, GF; Vijayan, PK; Walker, SP
8-Jan-2012Shear layers in the turbulent pipe flow of drag reducing polymer solutionsZadrazil, I; Bismarck, A; Hewitt, GF; Markides, CN
26-May-2013Structure and Velocity Profiles in Downwards Gas-Liquid Annular FlowZadrazil, I; Markides, CN; Hewitt, GF; Matar, OK
11-Nov-2016Transient freezing of molten salts in pipe-flow systems: application to the direct reactor auxiliary cooling system (DRACS)Le Brun, N; Hewitt, GF; Markides, CN