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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2011Energy from biomass: the size of the global resourceSlade, R; Saunders, R; Gross, R; Bauen, A
1-Feb-2014Evaluating Renewable Energy Policy: A Review of Criteria and Indicators for AssessmentNicholls, J; Mawhood, R; Gross, R; Castillo Castillo, R
1-Sep-2010Great expectations: the cost of offshore wind in UK watersGreenacre, P; Gross, R; Heptonstall, P
1-Jul-2013How useful are renewable energy toolkits for developing countries? A framework for evaluation.Paggi, L; Lane, T; Gross, R; Greenacre, P; Nicholls, J, et al
20-Jun-2014Institutional barriers to a ‘perfect’ policy: a case study of the Senegalese Rural Electrification Action PlanMawhood, R; Gross, R
1-Oct-2014Institutional barriers to a ‘perfect’ policy: A case study of the Senegalese Rural Electrification PlanMawhood, RK; Gross, R
1-Nov-2013Presenting the future: An assessment of future cost estimation methodologies in the electricity sectorGross, R; Heptonstall, P; Greenacre, P; Candelise, C; Jones, F, et al
1-Sep-2010Prioritising the best use of biomass resources: conceptualising trade-offsSlade, R; Bauen, A; Gross, R
20-May-2013Submission to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee: Bioenergy call for evidence; May 2013Slade, R; Gross, R
31-May-2013Supporting renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean: lessons to learn from innovation theoryMawhood, R; Gross, R; Nicholls, J
12-Feb-2015Transcriptional profiling of Bordetella pertussis reveals requirement of RNA chaperone Hfq for Type III secretion system functionalityBibova, I; Hot, D; Keidel, K; Amman, F; Slupek, S, et al
31-Mar-2010The UK bio-energy resource base to 2050: estimates, assumptions, and uncertaintiesSlade, R; Bauen, A; Gross, R