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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010Are the British electricity trading and transmission arrangements future-proof?Green, R
1-Jan-2008Carbon tax or carbon permits: The impact on generators' risksGreen, R
1-Sep-1999Draining the pool: the reform of electricity trading in England and WalesGreen, R
1-Mar-2005Electricity and marketsGreen, R
1-May-2006Electricity deregulation in OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countriesAl-Sunaidy, A; Green, R
1-Nov-2006Electricity liberalisation in Europe - how competitive will it be?Green, R
15-Feb-2015Failure modes in high strength and stiffness to weight scaffolds produced by Selective Laser MeltingSercombe, TB; Xu, X; Challis, VJ; Green, R; Yue, S, et al
31-Jan-2014GAMS FlexNet Power SchedulerStaffell, I; Green, R
9-Jul-2013Gold on them thar hills? Estimating wind farm rents in the UK’s Electricity Market ReformGreen, R; Staffell, I
18-Mar-2015Is There Still Merit in the Merit Order Stack? The Impact of Dynamic Constraints on Optimal Plant MixStaffell, I; Green, R
1-Jun-2011Making markets for hydrogen vehicles: Lessons from LPGHu, H; Green, R
1-Jul-2010Market behaviour with large amounts of intermittent generationGreen, R; Vasilakos, N
1-Sep-2001Markets for electricity in EuropeGreen, R
7-Jul-2016Multicountry survey of emergency and critical care medicine physicians’ fluid resuscitation practices for adult patients with early septic shockMcIntyre, L; Rowe, BH; Walsh, TS; Gray, A; Arabi, Y, et al
1-Apr-2007Nodal pricing of electricity: how much does it cost to get it wrong?Green, R
1-Jul-2010Policymaking benefits and limitations from using financial methods and modelling in electricity marketsGreen, R; Hobbs, B; Oren, S; Siddiqui, A
1-Sep-2014Regulation of the Power SectorGreen, R
1-Jan-2012Storing Wind for a Rainy Day: What Kind of Electricity Does Denmark Export?Green, R; Vasilakos, N
24-Jan-2013The cost of domestic fuel cell micro-CHP systemsStaffell, I; Green, R
1-Feb-2011The economics of offshore windGreen, R; Vasilakos, N