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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Accounting for behaviours and context in evaluations of complex health interventionsCravo Oliveira, Tiago
Dec-2013Atom-surface interactions with Rydberg atoms: an application to hybrid systemsRibeiro, Sofia
Jul-2016Characterization of human Natural Killer cell response to Aspergillus fumigatusPinto, Virginia Manuela Santiago
May-2015Compositional behaviour and reliability models for adaptive component-based architecturesFonseca Rodrigues, Pedro
Nov-2013Context-oriented functional programmingMartins, Pedro M.
Jan-2014Cortical Bone Adaptation: A Finite-Element Study of the Mouse TibiaFerro Pereira, Andre
Oct-2014Empirical essays on global pharmaceutical innovationPires Barrenho, Eliana
2012Functional characterization of cell wall damage response genes in Arabidopsis thalianaCarraca, Luis Pedro Veiga
Dec-2012Generalised Geometries for Type II and M TheoryCoimbra, Andre Janeiro
Jul-2013The heart in Sickle Cell Disease. Role of non invasive cardiac imaging by advanced echocardiography and cardiac magnetic resonance assessment of myocardial functionCabrita, Ines Zimbarra
Dec-2012Imagining Humans in the Age of DNA: Genetics and Contemporary British FictionAzevedo Soares, Andreia
Jun-2013Interactions between Salmonella and the cell cycle of the hostMoutinho Mota Dos Santos, Antonio
Jan-2012The interplay between MYCN and the DNA damage response: modulation of MYCN expression, its interactions with components of the DNA damage response and cellular responses to N-myc following genotoxic stressDuarte, Alexandra
Nov-2013Investigating the role of Sphingosine Kinase 1 pathway in cancer cell-monocyte interactionsFarinha Garcao Nunes, Joao Pedro
Sep-2013Managing social-ecological systems under uncertainty : implications for conservationGuimaraes Nuno, Ana
2012Medium-Term Planning in Deregulated Energy Markets with Decision RulesMartins da Silva Rocha, Paula Cristina
Nov-2012Methods for the refinement of genome-scale metabolic networksLiberal Fernandes, Rodrigo
May-2014Monopoles in higher dimensionsMarques Fernandes Oliveira, Goncalo
Feb-2016Numerical modelling of a single symmetric salt fingerAndrade, Maria Joana Brito de Aguiar
Feb-2014On extending process monitoring and diagnosis to the electrical and mechanical utilities: an advanced signal analysis approachCecílio, Inês M.