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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2017A computational strategy to establish algebraic parameters for the Reference Resistance Design of metal shell structuresSadowski, AJ; Fajuyitan, OK; Wang, J
9-Sep-2016A dynamic discrete dislocation plasticity study of elastodynamic shielding of stationary cracksGurrutxaga Lerma, B; Balint, DS; Dini, D; Sutton, AP
8-Jan-2016A numerical study exploring the effect of particle properties on the fluidization of adhesive particlesWilson, R; Dini, D; Van Wachem, B
Jan-2015ab initio modeling of yttria stabilised zirconia for solid oxide fuel cellsParkes, Michael
6-Mar-2017Ab initio quantum Monte Carlo simulation of the warm dense electron gasDornheim, T; Groth, S; Malone, FD; Schoof, T; Sjostrom, T, et al
7-Oct-2016Ab Initio Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of the Warm Dense Electron Gas in the Thermodynamic LimitDornheim, T; Groth, S; Sjostrom, T; Malone, FD; Foulkes, WMC, et al
Apr-2015Ab-initio modelling of Zr and Be alloys for nuclear applicationsBurr, Patrick
Jul-2015Ab-initio prediction of the melting point of organic solidsVelliou, Rallia-Iliana
Jun-2015Abelian profinite groups and the discontinuous isomorphism problemKiehlmann, Jonathan
Sep-2014Absorption spectral imaging in the mid-infrared and its application in cancer diagnosisDrummond, Laurence Alexander
7-Sep-2016Accurate exchange-correlation energies for the warm dense electron gasMalone, FD; Blunt, NS; Brown, EW; Lee, DKK; Spencer, JS, et al
Jul-2016Action selection in the rhythmic brain: The role of the basal ganglia and tremor.Fountas, Zafeirios
Jan-2017The activation and fixation of dinitrogen by iron phosphine complexesHill, Peter
Sep-2016Active recognition and pose estimation of rigid and deformable objects in 3D spaceDoumanoglou, Andreas
Sep-2015Active variable geometry suspension for carsArana Remirez, Carlos
Sep-2016Adaptive structures for the control of cellular separationGarland, Michael
2-Jun-2016Adiabatic perturbation theory of electronic stopping in insulatorsHorsfield, AP; Lim, A; Foulkes, WMC; Correa, AA
2-Jun-2016Adiabatic perturbation theory of electronic stopping in insulatorsHorsfield, AP; Lim, A; Foulkes, WMC; Correa, AA
Apr-2013Advances in multi-parametric mixed-integer programming and its applicationsWittmann-Hohlbein, Martina
Feb-2015Aeroelastic modelling and control of very flexible air vehicles using a nonlinear modal formulationWang, Yinan