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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2015Assessment of epidemic projections using recent HIV survey data in South Africa: a validation analysis of ten mathematical models of HIV epidemiology in the antiretroviral therapy eraEaton, JW; Bacaer, N; Bershteyn, A; Cambiano, V; Cori, A, et al
6-Oct-2016Cost-effectiveness and resource implications of aggressive action on tuberculosis in China, India, and South Africa: a combined analysis of nine modelsMenzies, NA; Gomez, GB; Bozzani, F; Chatterjee, S; Foster, N, et al
10-Mar-2016Data resource profile: network for analysing longitudinal population-based HIV/AIDS data on Africa (ALPHA Network)Reniers, G; Wamukoya, M; Urassa, M; Nyaguara, A; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J, et al
28-May-2015Effects of cash transfers on Children's health and social protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: differences in outcomes based on orphan status and household assetsCrea, TM; Reynolds, AD; Sinha, A; Eaton, JW; Robertson, LA, et al
1-Apr-2017Empirical validation of the UNAIDS Spectrum model for subnational HIV estimates: case-study of children and adults in Manicaland, ZimbabweSilhol, R; Gregson, S; Nyamukapa, C; Mhangara, M; Dzangare, J, et al
19-Oct-2016Evaluating strategies to improve HIV care outcomes in Kenya: a modelling studyOlney, JJ; Braitstein, P; Eaton, JW; Sang, E; Nyambura, M, et al
6-Oct-2016Feasibility of achieving the 2025 WHO global tuberculosis targets in South Africa, China, and India: a combined analysis of 11 mathematical modelsHouben, RM; Menzies, NA; Sumner, T; Huynh, GH; Arinaminpathy, N, et al
1-Jan-2014Health benefits, costs, and cost-effectiveness of earlier eligibility for adult antiretroviral therapy and expanded treatment coverage: a combined analysis of 12 mathematical modelsEaton, JW; Menzies, NA; Stover, J; Cambiano, V; Chindelevitch, L, et al
20-Nov-2014HIV in Children in a General Population Sample in East Zimbabwe: Prevalence, Causes and EffectsPufall, EL; Nyamukapa, C; Eaton, JW; Mutsindiri, R; Chawira, G, et al
5-Apr-2017HIV policy implementation in two health and demographic surveillance sites in Uganda: findings from a national policy review, health facility surveys, and key informant interviewsMcRobie, E; Wringe, A; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J; Kiweqewa, F; Lutalo, T, et al
10-Jul-2012HIV Treatment as Prevention: Considerations in the Design, Conduct, and Analysis of Cluster Randomized Controlled Trials of Combination HIV PreventionBoily, M-C; Masse, B; Alsallaq, R; Padian, NS; Eaton, JW, et al
10-Jul-2012HIV Treatment as Prevention: Optimising the Impact of Expanded HIV Treatment ProgrammesDelva, W; Eaton, JW; Meng, F; Fraser, C; White, RG, et al
1-Jul-2012HIV Treatment as Prevention: Systematic Comparison of Mathematical Models of the Potential Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy on HIV Incidence in South AfricaEaton, JW; Johnson, LF; Salomon, JA; Baernighausen, T; Bendavid, E, et al
15-Jan-2014HPTN 071 (PopART): A Cluster-Randomized Trial of the Population Impact of an HIV Combination Prevention Intervention Including Universal Testing and Treatment: Mathematical ModelCori, A; Ayles, H; Beyers, N; Schaap, A; Floyd, S, et al
2-Jul-2016Impact of ART on the Fertility of HIV-Positive Women in Sub-Saharan AfricaYeatman, S; Eaton, JW; Beckles, Z; Benton, L; Gregson, S, et al
1-Nov-2014Improvements in prevalence trend fitting and incidence estimation in EPP 2013Brown, T; Bao, L; Eaton, JW; Hogan, DR; Mahy, M, et al
16-Apr-2015Migration, sexual behaviour, and HIV risk: a general population cohort in rural South AfricaMcGrath, N; Eaton, JW; Newell, M-L; Hosegood, V
13-Feb-2017Prevalence and associations of psychological distress, HIV infection and HIV care service utilization in East Zimbabwe.Tlhajoane, M; Eaton, JW; Takaruza, A; Rhead, R; Maswera, R, et al
1-Nov-2014Recent HIV prevalence trends among pregnant women and all women in sub-Saharan Africa: implications for HIV estimatesEaton, JW; Rehle, TM; Jooste, S; Nkambule, R; Kim, AA, et al
9-Nov-2016Rising levels of HIV infection in older adults in eastern ZimbabweNegin, J; Gregson, S; Eaton, JW; Schur, N; Takaruza, A, et al