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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Nov-2016Inter-calibration of a proposed new primary reference standard AA-ETH Zn for zinc isotopic analysisArcher, C; Andersen, MB; Cloquet, C; Conway, TM; Dong, S, et al
1-Dec-2010Measurement of zinc stable isotope ratios in biogeochemical matrices by double-spike MC-ICPMS and determination of the isotope ratio pool available for plants from soilArnold, T; Schoenbaechler, M; Rehkaemper, M; Dong, S; Zhao, F-J, et al
1-Oct-2005Strong and auxiliary forms of the semi-Lagrangian method for incompressible flowsXiu, D; Sherwin, SJ; Dong, S; Karniadakis, GE
25-Jun-2015The fate of the Deep Western Boundary Current in the South AtlanticGarzoli, SL; Dong, S; Fine, R; Meinen, CS; Perez, RC, et al
1-Mar-2011Zinc isotopic fractionation in Phragmites australis in response to toxic levels of zincCaldelas, C; Dong, S; Luis Araus, J; Weiss, DJ