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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014Coping with Open Innovation: Responding to the Challenges of External Engagement in R&DSalter, A; Criscuolo, P; Ter Wal, ALJ
-Evaluating novelty: the role of panels in the selection of R&D projectsCriscuolo, P; Dahlander, L; Grohsjean, T; Salter, A
17-Sep-2014Going underground. Bootlegging and individual innovative performanceCriscuolo, P; Salter, A; Ter Wal, A
1-Oct-2009Inter-firm reverse technology transfer: the home country effect of R&D internationalizationCriscuolo, P
1-Dec-2007Making knowledge visible: Using expert yellow pages to map capabilities in professional services firmsCriscuolo, P; Salter, A; Sheehan, T
1-Mar-2012Managing Unsolicited Ideas for R&DAlexy, O; Criscuolo, P; Salter, A
1-Sep-2014Open for Ideation: Individual-Level Openness and Idea Generation in R&DSalter, A; ter Wal, ALJ; Criscuolo, P; Alexy, O
1-Mar-2012The elixir (or burden) of youth? Exploring differences in innovation between start-ups and established firmsCriscuolo, P; Nicolaou, N; Salter, A