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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Feb-2012Absence of RIP140 Reveals a Pathway Regulating glut4-Dependent Glucose Uptake in Oxidative Skeletal Muscle through UCP1-Mediated Activation of AMPKFritah, A; Steel, JH; Parker, N; Nikolopoulou, E; Christian, M, et al
16-Oct-2011Deregulation of serum-and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase SGK1 in the endometrium causes reproductive failureSalker, MS; Christian, M; Steel, JH; Nautiyal, J; Lavery, S, et al
27-Dec-2012Disordered IL-33/ST2 Activation in Decidualizing Stromal Cells Prolongs Uterine Receptivity in Women with Recurrent Pregnancy LossSalker, MS; Nautiyal, J; Steel, JH; Webster, Z; Sucurovic, S, et al
31-May-2013Dynamic Changes in Lipid Droplet-Associated Proteins in the "Browning" of White Adipose TissuesBarneda, D; Frontini, A; Cinti, S; Christian, M
27-Jan-2016Insulin-like growth factor axis in pregnancies affected by fetal growth disordersNawathe, AR; Christian, M; Kim, SH; Johnson, M; Savvidou, MD, et al
1-May-2010Silencing of the JNK pathway maintains progesterone receptor activity in decidualizing human endometrial stromal cells exposed to oxidative stress signalsLeitao, B; Jones, MC; Fusi, L; Higham, J; Lee, Y, et al
26-Nov-2015The brown adipocyte protein CIDEA promotes lipid droplet fusion via a phosphatidic acid-binding amphipathic helix.Barneda, D; Planas-Iglesias, J; Gaspar, ML; Mohammadyani, D; Prasannan, S, et al
12-Aug-2016The nuclear cofactor receptor interacting protein-140 (RIP140) regulates the expression of genes involved in Aβ generationBlondrath, K; Steel, JH; Katsouri, L; Ries, M; Parker, MG, et al
6-Feb-2014Uterine Selection of Human Embryos at ImplantationBrosens, JJ; Salker, MS; Teklenburg, G; Nautiyal, J; Salter, S, et al
3-Nov-2006ZNF366 is an estrogen receptor corepressor that acts through CtBP and histone deacetylasesLopez-Garcia, J; Periyasamy, M; Thomas, RS; Christian, M; Leao, M, et al