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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2017Diagnostic performance of tuberculosis-specific IgG antibody profiles in patients with presumptive TB from two continentsBroger, T; Basu Roy, R; Filomena, A; Greef, CH; Rimmele, S, et al
30-Apr-2017Linezolid for children with tuberculous meningitis: more evidence requiredBasu Roy, R; Seddon, JA
12-Jul-2016Plasma Membrane Profiling Reveals Upregulation of ABCA1 by Infected Macrophages Leading to Restriction of Mycobacterial GrowthLong, J; Basu Roy, R; Zhang, YJ; Antrobus, R; Du, Y, et al
23-Feb-2009The sea and poisonBasu Roy, R
8-Dec-2016Why the Convention on the Rights of the Child must become a guiding framework for the realization of the rights of children affected by tuberculosisBasu Roy, R; Brandt, N; Moodie, N; Motlagh, M; Rasanathan, K, et al