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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Dec-2016Alcohol and Alzheimer’s Disease - does alcohol dependence contribute to beta-amyloid deposition, neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease?Venkataraman, A; Kalk, N; Sewell, G; Ritchie, C; Lingford-Hughes, A
26-Aug-2016Alterations in the expression of transcription factors PPARγ and NFκB in the brain of models of chronic painBirch, A; Cheung, J; Oluwadare, C; Burton, J; Huang, W, et al
19-May-2016Evaluation of [3H]PBR28 as a marker of microglial activation in the rat controlled cortical impact model of traumatic brain injuryMirzaei, N; De Burgh, R; Sharp, D; Sastre, M
-In vivo Imaging of microglial activation by positron emission tomography with [11C]PBR28 in the 5XFAD model of Alzheimer’s diseaseMirzaei, N; Tang, S; Ashworth, S; Coello, C; Pilsson, C, et al
27-Oct-2015Longitudinal influence of microglial activation and amyloid on neuronal function in Alzheimer’s diseaseFan, Z; Okello, AA; Brooks, DJ; Edison, P
16-Nov-2015Tau imaging in neurodegenerative diseasesDani, M; Brooks, DJ; Edison, P
2-Sep-2016The anti-inflammatory Annexin A1 induces the clearance and degradation of the Amyloid-β peptideSastre, M; Ries, M; Loiola, R; Shah, UN; Gentleman, S, et al
12-Aug-2016The nuclear cofactor receptor interacting protein-140 (RIP140) regulates the expression of genes involved in Aβ generationBlondrath, K; Steel, JH; Katsouri, L; Ries, M; Parker, MG, et al