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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jul-2015A method for normal-mode-based model reduction in nonlinear dynamics of slender structuresWang, Y; Palacios, R; Wynn, A
3-Jun-2016A Nonlinear Modal Aeroservoelastic Analysis Framework for Flexible AircraftWang, Y; Wynn, A; Palacios, R
23-Feb-2015Aerodynamic load control in horizontal axis wind turbines with combined aeroelastic tailoring and trailing-edge flapsNg, BF; Palacios, R; Kerrigan, EC, et al
18-Sep-2013Aeroservoelastic modelling and active control of very large wind turbine blades for gust load alleviation.Ng, BF; Palacios, R; Graham, JMR, et al
17-Jun-2016Aeroservoelastic optimisation of an aerofoil with active compliant flap via reparametrisation and variable selectionBroughton-Venner, JJ; Wynn, A; Palacios, R
14-Oct-2013An energy-preserving description of nonlinear beam vibrations in modal coordinatesWynn, A; Wang, Y; Palacios, R, et al
1-Nov-2012Applications of the unsteady vortex-lattice method in aircraft aeroelasticity and flight dynamicsMurua, J; Palacios, R; Graham, JMR
30-Jun-2001Assessment of strategies for correcting linear unsteady aerodynamics using CFD or experimental resultsPalacios, R; Climent, H; Karlsson, A, et al
Jun-2009Camber effects in the dynamic aeroelasticity of compliant airfoilsMurua, J; Palacios, R; Peiro, J
1-May-2010Camber effects in the dynamic aeroelasticity of compliant airfoilsMurua, J; Palacios, R; Peiro, J
29-Jun-2015Co-design of very flexible actuated structuresMaraniello, S; Palacios, R
31-Dec-2008Computational aeroelasticity framework for analyzing flapping wing micro air vehiclesChimakurthi, SK; Tang, J; Palacios, R, et al
1-Dec-2008Computational fluid-structure interaction of a deformable flapping wing for micro air vehicle applicationsTang, J; Chimakurthi, S; Palacios, R, et al
1-Jan-2013Condensation of large finite-element models for wing load analysis with geometrically-nonlinear effectsPalacios, R; Wang, Y; Wynn, A, et al
12-Mar-2014Consistent structural linearisation in flexible-body dynamics with large rigid-body motionHesse, H; Palacios, R
2-Aug-2013Consistent Structural Linearization in Flexible Aircraft Dynamics with Large Rigid-Body MotionHesse, H; Palacios, R; Murua, J
1-Mar-2014Consistent structural linearization in flexible aircraft dynamics with large rigid-body motionHesse, H; Murua, J; Palacios, R
23-Apr-2016Dynamic Load Alleviation in Wake Vortex EncountersHesse, H; Palacios, R
29-Jun-2015Dynamic load alleviation of flexible aircraft in wake vortex encountersHesse, H; Palacios, R
12-Apr-2016Effects of Leading-Edge Tubercles on Wing Flutter SpeedsNg, BF; New, TH; Palacios, R
5-Jan-2015Electro-aeromechanical modelling and feedback control of actuated membrane wingsBuoso, S; Palacios, R
22-Sep-2015Electro-aeromechanical modelling of actuated membrane wingsBuoso, S; Palacios, R
4-Jan-2016Feedback Control of Integrally Actuated Membrane Wings: A Computational StudyBuoso, S; Palacios, R
15-Jun-2016Generalized thick strip modelling for vortex-induced vibration of long flexible cylindersBao, Y; Palacios, R; Graham, JMR, et al
8-May-2014Homogenisation of Slender Periodic Composite StructuresDizy, J; Palacios, R; Pinho, ST
1-May-2013Homogenization of slender periodic composite structuresDizy, J; Palacios, R; Pinho, ST
1-Jul-2013Induced Drag Calculations in the Unsteady Vortex Lattice MethodSimpson, RJS; Palacios, R; Murua, J
1-Jan-2015Integrated flight dynamics and aeroelasticity of flexible aircraft with application to swept flying wingsSimpson, RJS; Palacios, R
1-Dec-2011An Intrinsic Description of the Nonlinear Aeroelasticity of Very Flexible WingsPalacios, R; Epureanu, BI
1-Dec-2012Intrinsic models for nonlinear flexible-aircraft dynamics using industrial finite-element and loads packagesPalacios, R; Wang, Y; Karpel, M
31-Dec-2011Leading and trailing edge effects on the aerodynamic performance of compliant aerofoilsArbos-Torrent, S; Pang, ZY; Ganapathisubramani, B, et al
31-Dec-2008Low-Speed Aeroelastic Modeling of Very Flexible Slender Wings with Deformable AirfoilsPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES
2-Aug-2013Model Reduction in Flexible-Aircraft Dynamics with Large Rigid-Body MotionHesse, H; Palacios, R
31-Jul-2015Model-based aeroelastic analysis and blade load alleviation of offshore wind turbinesNg, BF; Palacios, R; Graham, JMR
31-Dec-2014Model-based Aeroservoelastic Design and Load Alleviation of Large Wind Turbine BladesNg, BF; Hesse, H; Palacios, R, et al
4-Jan-2016Model-Predictive Control of Flexible Aircraft using Nonlinear Reduced-Order ModelsWang, Y; Wynn, A; Palacios, R
11-Apr-2011Nonlinear Normal Modes in an Intrinsic Theory of Anisotropic BeamsPalacios, R
2-Aug-2013Numerical Aspects of Nonlinear Flexible Aircraft Flight Dynamics ModelingSimpson, R; Palacios, R
19-Jan-2017On-demand Aerodynamics in Integrally Actuated Membranes with Feedback ControlBuoso, S; Palacios, R
1-Dec-2012Open-Loop Stability and Closed-Loop Gust Alleviation on Flexible Aircraft Including Wake ModelingMurua, J; Palacios, R; Graham, JMRR
4-Jan-2016Optimal Manoeuvres with Very Flexible WingsMaraniello, S; Simpson, RJS; Palacios, R
28-Feb-2014Predictive Control for Alleviation of Gust Loads on Very Flexible AircraftSimpson, RJS; Palacios, R; Hesse, H, et al
1-Sep-2014Re-examined Structural Design Procedures for Very Flexible AircraftPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES; Reichenbach, EY
1-Jan-2013Reduced-order aeroelastic models for the dynamics of manoeuvring flexible aircraftHesse, H; Palacios, R
29-Jun-2015Reduced-order modelling and feedback control of integrally actuated membrane wingsBuoso, S; Palacios, R
6-Aug-2007A Ritz Approximation to the Deformation of Anisotropic Slender Structures with Finite-Size Cross SectionsPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES
2-Aug-2013Robust Aeroelastic Control of Very Flexible Wings using Intrinsic ModelsWang, Y; Wynn, A; Palacios, R
15-Apr-2012Robust Control Synthesis for Gust Load Alleviation from Large Aeroelastic Models with Relaxation of Spatial DiscretisationNg, BF; Palacios, R; Graham, JMR, et al
1-Dec-2011Stability and Open-Loop Dynamics of Very Flexible Aircraft Including Free-Wake EffectsMurua, J; Hesse, H; Palacios, R, et al
19-Dec-2005Static Nonlinear Aeroelasticity of Flexible Slender Wings in Compressible FlowPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES
1-Dec-2009Structural Models for Flight Dynamic Analysis of Very Flexible AircraftPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES
31-Dec-2013T-tail Flutter: Potential-Flow Modelling and Experimental ValidationMurua, J; Martinez, P; Climent, H, et al
4-Jan-2016Towards a Fluid-Structure Interaction solver for Problems with Large Deformations within the Open-Source SU2 SuiteSanchez, R; Palacios, R; Economon, TD, et al
15-Mar-2016Viscoelastic effects in the aeromechanics of actuated elastomeric membrane wingsBuoso, S; Palacios, R