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Mar-2009Characterization of a stem cell population derived from human peripheral blood and its therapeutic potential in brain tumorsGordon, Myrtle; Taylor, Deanna; Flores, Catherine
Apr-2019Complement activity influences glomerular inflammation and clinical severity in IgA nephropathy and C3 glomerulopathyPickering, Matthew; Cook, Herbert Terence; Medjeral-Thomas, Nicholas;
2011Development of Novel Non-Viral Vectors for use in the Immunomodulation of Corneal TransplantationGeorge, Andrew; Yang, Yi-Yan; Seow, Wei Yang;
Oct-2019Effects of impaired proteostasis on tissue physical properties in a model of bone-like tissue formationAuner, Holger; Dazzi, Francesco; Loaiza, Sandra;
2011Effects of overexpressing wild-type and variant Rad52 on homologous recombination in human cellsPorter, Andy; Hong, Julia Mai-Ling
Jun-2021Exploring alternative cellular targets amenable to combination therapy in myelofibrosisApperley, Jane; Khorashad, Jamshid; Claudiani, Simone
2012The Host Immune Response to HTLV-1 InfectionBangham, Charles; Tattermusch, Sonja;
Apr-2019Impact of blood products on renal transplant allosensitisationWillicombe, Michelle; Pusey, Charles; Hassan, Sevda; , et al
2011The implications of different IgG subclasses on graft rejection in sensitized individualsWarrens, Anthony; Ballow, Amany A.;
2010The in vivo molecular and cellular interactions involved in peptide induced graft toleranceScott, Diane; Derbyshire, Katy;
Feb-2013Interaction between haematopoietic and mesenchymal stromaDazzi, Francesco; Trento, Cristina;
Aug-2008The interface between innate and adaptive immune responses: the role of coagulation proteinsDorling, Anthony; Shrivastava, Seema;
Nov-2010Investigating the immunomodulatory properties of human embryonic stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cellsGeorge, Andrew; Oh, Steve; Lin, Wenyu
Feb-2010Investigating the role of the PD-1 pathway in human ovarian cancerGeorge, Andrew; Maine, Christian
Aug-2020Investigation of the oncogenic role of MAF in multiple myelomaKaradimitris, Anastasios; Caputo, Valentina; Katsarou, Alexia Despoina; , et al
Dec-2020Live imaging of monocyte subsets in immune complex-mediated glomerulonephritis reveals distinct phenotypes and effector functionsWoollard, Kevin; Cook, Herbert; Pusey, Charles; Turner-Stokes, Tabitha;
Dec-2014Modelling the diversity and persistence of the human T-lymphotropic virus type-1Asquith, Becca; Bangham, Charles R M; Laydon, Daniel;
Jun-2009Modification of Dendritic Cells for the Induction of ToleranceGeorge, Andrew; Lombardi, Giovanna; Khan, Adnan;
Nov-2017Molecular and cellular pathogenesis of the erythroid defect and the therapeutic effect of glucocorticoids in Diamond-Blackfan anaemiaKaradimitris, Anastasios; Roberts, Irene; Iskander, Deena Mohsen;
Aug-2018Molecular pathology of Diamond Blackfan anaemiaForoni, Letizia; Karadimitris, Anastasios; Al-Oqaily, Qais;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 39