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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Nov-2016Mendelian inheritance of trimodal CpG methylation sites suggests distal cis-acting genetic effectsZaghlool, SB; Al-Shafai, M; Al Muftah, WA; Kumar, P; Gieger, C, et al
28-Jan-2016Epigenetic associations of type 2 diabetes and BMI in an Arab populationAl Muftah, WA; Al-Shafai, M; Zaghlool, SB; Visconti, A; Tsai, P-C, et al
29-Aug-2017All (4,0): Sigma models with (4,0) off-shell supersymmetryHull, C; Lindstrom, U
1-Sep-2015Cultural influences in a multicultural academic workplaceWinch, J
6-Mar-2018Effect of exposure to CeO2 nanoparticles on ram spermatozoa during storage at 4 degrees C for 96 hoursFalchi, L; Galleri, G; Dore, GM; Zedda, MT; Pau, S, et al
8-Dec-2017Next-generation sequencing: recent applications to the analysis of colorectal cancerDel Vecchio, F; Mastroiaco, V; Di Marco, A; Compagnoni, C; Capece, D, et al
2-Mar-2018Eplerenone attenuates pathological pulmonary vascular rather than right ventricular remodeling in pulmonary arterial hypertensionBoehm, M; Arnold, N; Braithwaite, A; Pickworth, J; Lu, C, et al
27-Nov-2017Measurement of CP violation in B-0 -> J/psi K-S(0) and B-0 -> psi(2S) K-S(0) decaysAaij, R; Adeva, B; Adinolfi, M; Ajaltouni, Z; Akar, S, et al
10-Apr-2018Cognitive bias in clinical practice – nurturing healthy skepticism amongst medical studentsBhatti, A
13-Jul-2016Prediction of 90-day mortality in older patients after discharge from an emergency department: a retrospective follow-up studyHofman, SE; Lucke, JA; Heim, N; De Gelder, J; Fogteloo, AJ, et al