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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-202013 weeks in a pandemic: a descriptive study of Imperial College London’s COVID-19 publicationsPrice, R; Ozkan, Y
1-Dec-2018A brief overview of the findings of a survey about the potential for extending UKRR into monographs.Stubbs, T
18-Oct-2019A guide to using ResearchGate and other academic social network sitesImperial College Open Access Team
1-May-2021A meta-analysis of medications directed against PCSK9 in familial hypercholesterolemiaBrandts, J; Dharmayat, KI; Vallejo-Vaz, AJ; Azar Sharabiani, MT; Jones, R, et al
19-Jan-2022A novel data solution to inform curriculum decolonisation: the case of the Imperial College London Masters of Public HealthPrice, R; Skopec, M; Mackenzie, S; Nijhoff, C; Harrison, R, et al
17-Apr-2015AceCloud: Molecular Dynamics Simulations in the CloudHarvey, MJ; De Fabritiis, G
1-Dec-2018An extension of UKRR into low-use monographs: does appetite exist?Stubbs, T
11-Jan-2021An institutional repository publishing model for Imperial College London grey literaturePrice, R; Murtagh, J
15-Sep-2019Assessing the operating temperature of multi-junction solar cells with novel rear side layer stack and local electrical contactsAlonso Alvarez, D; Weiss, C; Fernandez, J; Janz, S; Ekins-Daukes, N, et al
10-Dec-2021Belonging and global citizenship in a STEM universityViola, J
-Breaking the aristotype: featurisation of polyhedral distortions in perovskite crystalsMorita, K; Davies, D; Butler, K; Walsh, A;
19-Apr-2022British intelligence and the Dardanelles: the 1906 Taba affair revisitedOzkan, Y
20-May-2019Cataloguing, knowledge and powerCridford, T
1-Jul-2021Characteristics of Imperial College London's COVID‐19 research outputsPrice, R; Ozkan, Y
10-Oct-2021Datasets for online controlled experimentsLiu, B; Cardoso, A; Couturier, P; McCoy, E
1-Jan-2020Declining prevalence of antibody positivity to SARS-CoV-2: a community study of 365,000 adultsWard, H; Cooke, G; Atchison, C; Whitaker, M; Elliott, J, et al
31-Jul-2018Developing Open Access support for business PhD researchers at Imperial College LondonRussell, R; Lincoln, H
-Encouraging innovation in Research Data Management. The "RDM Green Shoots" initiative at Imperial College LondonReimer, TF; McArdle, I
14-Jun-1999Flight control system design using classical methods and non-linear dynamic inversionSinharay, A
7-Mar-2016Focusing upstream: supporting scholarly communication by academicsBanks, CA
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 50