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1-Nov-2018A coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical finite element formulation for curved beams in two-dimensionsCui, W; Potts, DM; Zdravkovic, L; Gawecka, K; Taborda, DMG, et al
1-Dec-2018A coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical finite element formulation of one-dimensional beam elements for three-dimensional analysisGawecka, KA; Potts, DM; Cui, W; Taborda, DMG; Zdravkovic, L, et al
9-Sep-2019A critical comparison between stress and energy based methods for the evaluation of liquefaction potentialLau, K-K; Kontoe, S; Anatolakis, G
-A database of damaging small-to-medium magnitude earthquakesNievas, CI; Bommer, J; Crowley, H; Van Elk, J; Ntinalexis, M, et al
14-Nov-2017A new approach to estimating temperature fields around a group of vertical ground heat exchangers in two-dimensional analysesSailer, E; Taborda, DMG; Zdravkovic;
3-Aug-2018A new double structure model for expansive claysGhiadistri, GM; Potts, DM; Zdravkovic, L; Tsiampousi, A;
Oct-2020A practical method for calculating thermally-induced stresses in pile foundations used as heat exchangersLiu, R; Sailer, E; Taborda, D; Potts, D; Zdravkovic, L, et al
1-Apr-2015A risk-mitigation approach to the management of induced seismicityBommer, JJ; Crowley, H; Pinho, R
17-Sep-2017Advanced laboratory characterization of a fine marine sand from Dunkirk, FranceLiu, T; Aghakouchak, A; Taborda, DMG; Jardine, RJ; , et al
25-Jun-2019An appraisal of end conditions in advanced monotonic and cyclic triaxial testing on a range of geomaterialsVinck, K; Liu, T; Ushev, E; Jardine, RJ
17-Apr-2019An improved framework for discriminating seismicity induced by industrial activities from natural earthquakesVerdon, JP; Baptie, BJ; Bommer, J
1-Jun-2012Application of a Hill-Climbing technique to the formulation of a new cyclic nonlinear elastic constitutive modelTaborda, DMG; Zdravkovic, L
Nov-2020Application of the PISA design model to monopiles embedded in layered soilsBurd, H; Abadie, C; Byrne, B; Houlsby, G; Martin, C, et al
25-Jun-2019Assessing the impact of vertical heat exchangers on the response of a retaining wallSailer, E; Taborda, DMG; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM; , et al
28-Jan-2015Assessment of Design Procedures for Vertical Borehole Heat ExchangersSailer, E; Taborda, DMG; Keirstead, J
16-Aug-2018Behaviour of piles driven in chalkJardine, R; Buckley, R; Kontoe, S; Barbosa, P; Schroeder, F, et al
1-Feb-2020Behaviour of silty sands stabilised with cement subjected to hard environmental conditionsConsoli, NC; Carretta, MS; Leon, HB; Schneider, MEB; Reginato, NC, et al
22-Apr-2020Calculating the state parameter in crushable sandsO'Sullivan, C; Ciantia, M
25-Jun-2019Calibration of a double structure constitutive model for unsaturated compacted soilsGhiadistri, G; Zdravković, L; Potts, DM; Tsiampousi, A; , et al
19-Jul-2019Canyon topography effects on ground motion: Assessment of different soil stiffness profilesSolans, D; Skiada, E; Kontoe, S; Potts, DM
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 140