Invariant Brauer group of an abelian variety

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Title: Invariant Brauer group of an abelian variety
Authors: Orr, M
Skorobogatov, A
Valloni, D
Zarhin, Y
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: We study a new object that can be attached to an abelian variety or a complex torus: the invariant Brauer group, as recently defined by Yang Cao. Over the field of complex numbers this is an elementary abelian 2-group with an explicit upper bound on the rank. We exhibit many cases in which the invariant Brauer group is zero, and construct complex abelian varieties in every dimension starting with 2, both simple and non-simple, with invariant Brauer group of order 2. We also address the situation in finite characteristic and over non-closed fields.
Issue Date: 29-Jun-2022
Date of Acceptance: 24-Mar-2021
ISSN: 0021-2172
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Journal / Book Title: Israel Journal of Mathematics
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Keywords: General Mathematics
0101 Pure Mathematics
0102 Applied Mathematics
Publication Status: Published online
Embargo Date: 2023-06-28
Online Publication Date: 2022-06-29
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