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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2015A Common-Factor Approach for Multivariate Data Cleaning with an Application to Mars Phoenix Mission DataFang, D; Oberlin, E; Ding, W; Kounaves, SP
-Architecture and performance of Devito, a system for automated stencil computationLuporini, F; Lange, M; Louboutin, M; Kukreja, N; Hückelheim, J, et al
-Backpropagation for long sequences: beyond memory constraints with constant overheadsKukreja, N; Hückelheim, J; Gorman, GJ;
-Unstructured Overlapping Mesh Distribution in ParallelKnepley, MG; Lange, M; Gorman, GJ
11-Oct-2018Combining checkpointing and data compression for large scale seismic inversionKukreja, N; Huckelheim, J; Louboutin, M; Hou, K; Luporini, F, et al
5-Jul-2019Automatic differentiation for adjoint stencil loopsHückelheim, J; Kukreja, N; Narayanan, SHK; Luporini, F; Gorman, G, et al
13-Feb-2019Training on the Edge: The why and the howKukreja, N; Shilova, A; Beaumont, O; Huckelheim, J; Ferrier, N, et al
30-May-2019Towards automatically building starting models for full-waveform inversion using global optimization methods: A PSO approach via DEAP + DevitoMojica, OF; Kukreja, N
28-Oct-2019The influence of structural inheritance and multiphase extension on rift development, the northern North SeaPhillips, T; Fazlikhani, H; Gawthorpe, R; Fossen, H; Jackson, CA-L, et al
-Hybrid global-local optimisation algorithms for the layout design of tidal turbine arraysBarnett, GL; Funke, SW; Piggott, MD