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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jan-2016Dating the incision of the Yangtze River gorge at the First Bend using three-nuclide burial agesMcPhillips, D; Hoke, GD; Liu-Zeng, J; Bierman, PR; Rood, DH, et al
17-Jun-2015Rapid last-deglacial thinning and retreat of the marine-terminating southwestern Greenland ice sheetWinsor, K; Carlson, AE; Caffee, MW; Rood, DH
23-Feb-2017Combining bulk sediment OSL and meteoric Be-10 fingerprinting techniques to identify gully initiation sites and erosion depthsPortenga, EW; Bishop, P; Rood, DH; Bierman, PR
1-Mar-2018Agricultural land use doubled sediment loads in western China's riversSchmidt, AH; Gonzalez, VS; Bierman, PR; Neilson, TB; Rood, DH
19-Feb-2016Constraining multi-stage exposure-burial scenarios for boulders preserved beneath cold-based glacial ice in Thule, northwest GreenlandCorbett, LB; Bierman, PR; Rood, DH
8-May-2016Long-term erosion rates of Panamanian drainage basins determined using in situ 10BeGonzalez, VS; Bierman, PR; Nichols, KK; Rood, DH
4-May-2017Characterizing landscape-scale erosion using Be-10 in detrital fluvial sediment: Slope-based sampling strategy detects the effect of widespread damsReusser, LJ; Bierman, PR; Rizzo, DM; Portenga, EW; Rood, DH
15-Aug-2017A beryllium-10 chronology of late-glacial moraines in the upper Rakaia valley, Southern Alps, New Zealand supports Southern-Hemisphere warming during the Younger DryasKoffman, TNB; Schaefer, JM; Putnam, AE; Denton, GH; Barrell, DJA, et al
9-Aug-2018Greenland ice mass loss during the Younger Dryas driven by Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation feedbacksRainsley, E; Menviel, L; Fogwill, CJ; Turney, CSM; Hughes, ALC, et al
4-Nov-2016Influence of topography and human activity on apparent in situ <sup>10</sup>Be-derived erosion rates in Yunnan, SW ChinaSchmidt, AH; Neilson, TB; Bierman, PR; Rood, DH; Ouimet, WB, et al