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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Mar-2009Spud 1.0: generalising and automating the user interfaces of scientific computer modelsHam, DA; Farrell, PE; Gorman, GJ; Maddison, JR; Wilson, CR, et al
2-Nov-2015Adaptive Haar wavelets for the angular discretisation of spectral wave modelsAdam, A; Buchan, AG; Piggott, MD; Pain, CC; Hill, J, et al
19-Sep-2017Efficient unstructured mesh generation for marine renewable energy applicationsAvdis, A; Candy, AS; Hill, J; Kramer, SC; Piggott, MD, et al
-Shoreline and Bathymetry Approximation in Mesh Generation for Tidal Renewable SimulationsAvdis, A; Jacobs, CT; Hill, J; Piggott, MD; Gorman, GJ, et al
20-Jul-2017The trade-off between tidal-turbine array yield and impact on flow: A multi-objective optimisation problemDu Feu, RJ; Funke, SW; Kramer, SC; Culley, DM; Hill, J, et al
15-Dec-2018Modelling local scour near structures with combined mesh movement and mesh optimisationNunez Rattia, JM; Percival, J; Neethling, S; Piggott, MD; , et al
30-Oct-2018Thetis coastal ocean model: discontinuous Galerkin discretization for the three-dimensional hydrostatic equationsKärnä, T; Kramer, SC; Mitchell, L; Ham, DA; Piggott, MD, et al
1-Feb-2013Multiphase flow modelling of volcanic ash particle settling in water using adaptive unstructured meshesJacobs, CT; Collins, GS; Piggott, MD; Kramer, SC; Wilson, CRG
27-Aug-2014Firedrake-Fluids v0.1: numerical modelling of shallow water flows using a performance-portable automated solution frameworkJacobs, CT; Piggott, MD
27-Jun-2015Integration of cost modelling within the micro-siting design optimisation of tidal turbine arraysCulley, DM; Funke, SW; Kramer, SC; Piggott, MD; , et al