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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-2015Chemical Process Modelling of Underground Coal Gasification and Evaluation of Produced Gas Quality for End UseAndrianopoulos, E; Korre, A; Durucan, S
1-Aug-2002Quantitative-spatial assessment of the risks associated with high Pb loads in soils around Lavrio, GreeceKorre, A; Durucan, S; Koutroumani, A
18-Aug-2017Understanding CO2-brine-wellbore cement-rock interactions for CO2 storageFarooqui, NM; Liu, Q; Maroto-Valer, MM; Mosleh, MH; Korre, A, et al
18-Aug-2017The development of a dynamic CO2 injection strategy for the depleted forties and Nelson oilfields using regression-based multi-objective programmingBorda, ES; Govindan, R; Elahi, N; Korre, A; Durucan, S, et al
18-Aug-2017A statistical learning approach to model the uncertainties in reservoir quality for the assessment of CO2 storage performance in the lower Permian Rotliegend Group in the Mid North Sea High AreaGovindan, R; Elahi, N; Korre, A; Durucan, S; Hanstock, D, et al
18-Aug-2017The use of polymer-gel remediation for CO2 leakage through faults and fractures in the caprockMosleh, MH; Govindan, R; Shi, JQ; Durucan, S; Korre, A, et al
18-Aug-2017The assessment of CO2 backproduction as a technique for potential leakage remediation at the Ketzin pilot site in GermanyGovindan, R; Si, G; Korre, A; Durucan, S; Wiese, B, et al
18-Aug-2017Real options analysis of CO2 transport and storage in the UK continental shelf under geological and market uncertainties and the viability of subsidies for market developmentNie, Z; Korre, A; Elahi, N; Durucan, S; , et al
18-Aug-2017Development and characterisation of a smart cement for CO2 leakage remediation at wellboresMosleh, MH; Durucan, S; Syed, A; Shi, JQ; Korre, A, et al
1-Nov-2018Fiber optic sensing for geomechanical monitoring: (1)-distributed strain measurements of two sandstones under hydrostatic confining and pore pressure conditionsXue, Z; Shi, JQ; Yamauchi, Y; Durucan, S