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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2020Multichannel maximum-entropy method for the Wigner-Ville distributionWang, Y; Rao, Y; Xu, D
1-Jan-2020Seismic simultaneous inversion using a multi-damped subspace methodLiu, J; Wang, Y
1-Feb-2020Radiation pattern analyses for seismic multi-parameter inversion of HTI anisotropic mediaGao, F; Wang, Y
Mar-2020Basin evolution and shale tectonics on an obliquely convergent margin: the Bahia Basin, offshore Colombian CaribbeanGalindo, PA; Lonergan, L
28-Mar-2020Englacial architecture and age‐depth constraints across the West Antarctic Ice SheetAshmore, DW; Bingham, RG; Ross, N; Siegert, MJ; Jordan, TA, et al
1-Jul-2020Late Miocene to late Pleistocene geomagnetic secular variation at high northern latitudesDøssing, A; Riishuus, MS; Mac Niocaill, C; Muxworthy, AR; Maclennan, J
22-Jan-2020Microbial life in the nascent Chicxulub craterSchaefer, B; Grice, K; Coolen, MJL; Summons, RE; Cui, X, et al
1-Jan-2020Architecture and preservation in the fluvial to marine transition zone of a mixed‐process humid‐tropical delta: Middle Miocene Lambir Formation, Baram Delta Province, north‐west BorneoCollins, DS; Johnson, HD; Baldwin, CT;
10-Apr-2020Diffusion and partition coefficients of minor and trace elements in magnetite as a function of oxygen fugacity at 1150 oCSievwright, RH; O'Neill, HSC; Tolley, J; Wilkinson, JJ; Berry, AJ
20-Apr-2020Rapid subduction initiation and magmatism in the Western Pacific driven by internal vertical forcesMaunder, B; Prytulak, J; Goes, S; Reagan, M;