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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2000Chinguetti – terrestrial age and pre-atmospheric radius.Welten, KC; Bland, PA; Caffee, MW; Masarik, J; Russell, SS, et al
1-Feb-2004Modeling damage and deformation in impact simulationsCollins, GS; Melosh, HJ; Ivanov, BA
31-Mar-2005An oxygen-18 rich presolar silicate grain from the Acfer 094 meteorite in a NanoSIMS and ToF-SIMS studyStadermann, FJ; Floss, C; Bland, PA; Rost, D; Vicenzi, EP
6-Mar-2009Spud 1.0: generalising and automating the user interfaces of scientific computer modelsHam, DA; Farrell, PE; Gorman, GJ; Maddison, JR; Wilson, CR, et al
13-Mar-2009Reflection seismic waveform tomographyWang, Y; Rao, Y
1-Sep-2005Olivine in CV chondrite matrices: Structure, size-distribution, and morphologyWatt, LE; Bland, PA; Prior, DJ; Russell, SS
31-Mar-2002A quantitative modal mineralogy study of ordinary chondrites using X-ray diffraction and Mössbauer spectroscopy.Menzies, ON; Bland, PA; Cressey, G; Berry, FJ
1-Aug-2004The production rate of small craters on Earth and the expected crater population in South AmericaBland, PA; Artemieva, NA; de Souza Filho, CR
31-Mar-2001Survivability of meteorite projectiles – results from impact experiments.Bland, PA; Cintala, MJ; Horz, F; Cressey, G
29-Dec-2008SPRINT: A new parallel framework for RHill, J; Hambley, M; Forster, T; Mewissen, M; Sloan, TM, et al