A passively complaint idler mechanism for underactuated dexterous grippers with dynamic tendon routing

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Title: A passively complaint idler mechanism for underactuated dexterous grippers with dynamic tendon routing
Authors: Wang, J
Lu, Q
Clark, A
Rojas, N
Item Type: Conference Paper
Abstract: n the field of robotic hands, tendon actuation is one of themost common ways to control self-adaptive underactuated fingers thanksto its compact size. Either differential or direct drive mechanisms areusually used in these systems to perform synchronised grasping using asingle actuator. However, synchronisation problems arise in underactu-ated grippers whose position of proximal joints varies with time to per-form manipulation operations, as this results in a tendon-driven systemwith dynamic anchor pulleys. This paper introduces a novel passivelycomplaint idler mechanism to avoid unsynchronisation in grippers witha dynamic multi-tendon routing system, such that adequate graspingcontact forces are kept under changes in the proximal joints’ positions.A re-configurable palm underactuated dexterous gripper is used as acase study, with the performance of the proposed compliant idler systembeing evaluated and compared through a contact force analysis duringrotation and translation in-hand manipulation tasks. Experiment resultsclearly demonstrate the ability of the mechanism to synchronise a dy-namic tendon routing gripper. A video summarising experiments andfindings can be found at
Date of Acceptance: 11-May-2020
ISSN: 0302-9743
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Journal / Book Title: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
Conference Name: Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems Conference (TAROS ) 2020
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Publication Status: Accepted
Conference Place: Nottingham, UK - postponed, new dates TBC
Embargo Date: Embargoed for 12 months after publication date
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