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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jan-2020gem-dialkyl effect in diphosphine Ligands: synthesis, coordination behavior, and application in Pd-catalyzed hydroformylationTay, DWP; Nobbs, JD; Romain, C; White, AJP; Aitipamula, S, et al
23-Nov-2020Simultaneous detection of carbon monoxide and viscosity changes in cellsRobson, JA; Kubánková, M; Bond, T; Hendley, RA; White, AJP, et al
22-Nov-2020Biaryl group 4 metal complexes as non-metallocene catalysts for polyethylene with long chain branchingGragert, MM; Tomov, AK; Bettonville, S; Pannier, G; White, AJP, et al
27-Aug-2014A Chromo-fluorogenic synthetic "Canary" for CO detection based on a Pyrenylvinyl Ruthenium(II) complexMoragues, ME; Toscani, A; Sancenon, F; Martinez-Manez, R; White, AJP, et al
28-Jun-2020The effect of structural heterogeneity upon the microviscosity of ionic liquidsClark, R; Nawawi, MA; Dobre, A; Pugh, D; Liu, Q, et al
1-Nov-2020Synthesis and crystallographic characterisation of a homologous series of bis-tridentate phosphine oxide NP3O3 Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexesPage, SJ; Rogers-Simmonds, D; White, AJP; Miller, PW
4-May-2020Scale-up of room-temperature constructive quantum interference from single molecules to self-assembled molecular-electronic filmsWang, X; Bennett, TLR; Ismael, A; Wilkinson, LA; Hamill, J, et al
27-Jun-2016Oligomeric ferrocene ringsInkpen, MS; Scheerer, S; Linseis, M; White, AJP; Winter, RF, et al
8-Oct-2014Oxygen insertion into metal carbon bonds: formation of methylperoxo Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes via photogenerated dinuclear intermediatesPetersen, AR; Taylor, RA; Vicente-Hernandez, I; Mallender, PR; Olley, H, et al
1-Mar-2021Synthesis and characterisation of a range of Fe, Co, Ru and Rh triphos complexes and investigations into the catalytic hydrogenation of levulinic acidOmoruyi, U; Page, SJ; Apps, S; White, AJP; Long, NJ, et al