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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009Bifunctional dithiocarbamates: a bridge between coordination chemistry and nanoscale materialsKnight, ER; Cowley, AR; Hogarth, G; Wilton-Ely, J
20-Oct-2016Direct catalytic conversion of cellulose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using ionic liquidsEminov, S; Filippousi, P; Brandt, A; Wilton-Ely, J; Hallett, J
6-Feb-2019Highly sensitive and selective molecular probes for chromo-fluorogenic sensing of carbon monoxide in air, aqueous solution and cellsToscani, A; Marín-Hernández, C; Robson, J; Chua, E; Dingwall, P, et al
21-Feb-2019Heteromultimetallic compounds based on polyfunctional carboxylate linkersJantan, KA; McArdle, J; Mognon, L; Fiorini, V; Wilkinson, LA, et al
15-Apr-2019Heterotrimetallic complexes of iron and ruthenium based on vinyliminium dithiocarboxylate ligandsMognon, L; Richardson, S; Agonigi, G; Bond, T; Marchetti, F, et al
6-Apr-2020Combined magnetic resonance imaging and photodynamic therapy using polyfunctionalised nanoparticles bearing robust gadolinium surface unitsChabloz, N; Perry, H; Yoon, I-C; Coulson, A; White, A, et al
23-Nov-2020Simultaneous detection of carbon monoxide and viscosity changes in cellsRobson, J; Kubankova, M; Bond, T; Hendley, R; White, A, et al
7-Nov-2019Synthesis and application of ruthenium(II) alkenyl complexes with perylene fluorophores for the detection of toxic vapours and gasesGarcía-Calvo, J; Robson, J; Torroba, T; Wilton-Ely, J
18-Jan-2021From sugars to FDCA: A techno-economic assessment using a design concept based on solvent selection and carbon dioxide emissionsAl Ghatta, A; Wilton-Ely, J; Hallett, J
8-Oct-2019Rapid, high‐yield fructose dehydration to HMF in mixtures of water and the non‐coordinating Ionic Liquid [bmim][OTf]Al Ghatta, A; Wilton-Ely, J; Hallett, J