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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jul-2015Anti-de Sitter momentum spaceArzano, M; Gubitosi, G; Magueijo, J; Amelino-Camelia, G; , et al
31-Mar-2017Primordial perturbations in a rainbow universe with running Newton constantBrighenti, F; Gubitosi, G; Magueijo, J; , et al
11-Mar-2016Quantization of fluctuations in deformed special relativity: the two-point function and beyondGubitosi, G; Arzano, M; Magueijo, J; , et al
2-Mar-2018Squeezing of scalar and tensor primordial perturbations generated by modified dispersion relationsGubitosi, G; Magueijo, J;
12-Mar-2018Primordial standing wavesGubitosi, G; Magueijo, J;
10-Nov-2017The phenomenology of squeezing and its status in non-inflationary theoriesMagueijo, J;
18-Nov-2016Critical geometry of a thermal big bangAfshordi, N; Magueijo, J; , et al