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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jan-2010Anomaly Detection using Microscopic Traffic Variables on Freeway SegmentsThajchayapong, S; Barria, JA
1-Jul-2007Bandwidth Allocation for a Revenue-Aware Network Utility MaximisationMayer, D; Barria, J A
1-May-2011Communication Infrastructures for Distributed Control of Power Distribution NetworksYang, Q; Barria, JA; Green, TC
1-Dec-2000A Coxian Model for Channel Holding Time Distribution for Teletraffic Mobility ModellingSoong,B.H.; Barria,J.A.
22-Aug-2007Demand management for telecommunications servicesZachariadis, G; Barria, J
1-Sep-2011Detection and Classification of Traffic Anomalies using Microscopic Traffic VariablesBarria, JA; Thajchayapong, S
31-Dec-2008Dynamic pricing and resource allocation using revenue management for multiservice networksZachariadis, G; Barria, JA
19-Dec-2005Fair and efficient dynamic bandwidth allocation for multi-application networksSalles, RM; Barria, JA
31-Dec-1999Gestione intelligente di scorte con logica fuzzyChinellato, E
1-Feb-2007Income maximisation using prices and QoS for multi-class telecommunication systemZachariadis, G; Barria, JA
31-Dec-2008Lexicographic Optimisation for Fair Bandwidth Allocation in Computer NetworksSalles, RM; Barria, JA
1-Mar-2006Multiresolution FIR neural-network-based learning algorithm applied to network traffic predictionAlarcon-Aquino, V; Barria, JA
1-Feb-2000Performance analysis of single-link system with nonlinear equivalent capacityAswakul, C; Barria, J
1-May-2004Proportional differentiated admission controlSalles, RM; Barria, JA
1-Jan-2009Rate Multiplication and Two-group Resource Allocation in Multi-code CDMA NetworksGhani, HA; Gurcan, MK
1-Jun-2007Reinforcement learning for resource allocation in LEO satellite networksUsaha, W; Barria, J A
31-Jul-2004A reinforcement learning ticket-based probing path discovery scheme for MANETsUsaha,W.; Barria,J.
31-Dec-2002Robust Strategies for Selecting Vision-Based Planar Grasps of Unknown Objects with a Three-Finger HandChinellato, E
31-Dec-2010Time-Efficient resource allocation algorithm over HSDPA in femtocell networksHe, Z; Gurcan, MK; Ghani, HA
1-May-2002Utility-based scheduling disciplines for adaptive applications over the InternetSalles, RM; Barria, JA
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 21