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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2018Patching and the p-adic Langlands program for GL(2)(Q(p))Caraiani, A; Emerton, M; Gee, T; Geraghty, D; Paskunas, V, et al
4-May-2018The multi-physics metawedge: graded arrays on fluid-loaded elastic plates and the mechanical analogues of rainbow trapping and mode conversionSkelton, E; Craster, RV; Colombi, A; Colquitt, D; , et al
16-Oct-2018An information-theoretic approach to self-organisation: Emergence of complex interdependencies in coupled dynamical systemsRosas De Andraca, FE; Martinez Mediano, P; Ugarte, M; Jensen, H;
1-Jun-2018Fourier multipliers, symbols and nuclearity on compact manifoldsDelgado Valencia, JC; Ruzhansky, M;
25-Oct-2018Social learning for resilient data fusion against data falsification attacksRosas De Andraca, F; Chen, K-C; Gunduz, D;
10-May-2018Bridging between short-range and long-range dependence with mixed spatio-temporal Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processesNguyen, M; Veraart, A;
21-Nov-2018Adjoint-based parametric sensitivity analysis for swirling M-flamesSkene, CS; Schmid, PJ;
1-Jun-2018Wetting of a plane with a narrow solvophobic stripeYatsyshin, P; Parry, AO; Rascon, C; Kalliadasis, S; , et al
26-Jul-2018Lindblad dynamics of Gaussian states and their superpositions in the semiclassical limit.Graefe, E; Schubert, R; Longstaff, B; Plastow, T; , et al
21-Aug-2018Hopf bifurcation with additive noiseDoan, TS; Engel, M; Lamb, J; Rasmussen, M; , et al