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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2017A random dynamical systems perspective on stochastic resonanceCherubini, AM; Lamb, JSW; Rasmussen, M; Sato, Y; , et al
1-Apr-2016Transit times and mean ages for nonautonomous and autonomous compartmental systemsRasmussen, M; Hastings, A; Smith, MJ; Agusto, FB; Chen-Charpentier, BM, et al
18-Feb-2016Responses of two nonlinear microbial models to warming and increased carbon inputWang, YP; Jiang, J; Chen-Charpentier, B; Agusto, FB; Hastings, A, et al
2-Apr-2015Topological bifurcations of minimal invariant sets for set-valued dynamical systemsLamb, JSW; Rasmussen, M; Rodrigues, CS; , et al
21-Aug-2018Hopf bifurcation with additive noiseDoan, TS; Engel, M; Lamb, J; Rasmussen, M; , et al
7-Apr-2016The Bohl spectrum for nonautonomous differential equationsDoan, TS; Palmer, KJ; Rasmussen, M;
1-Aug-2018Early-warning signals for bifurcations in random dynamical systems with bounded noiseKuehn, C; Malavolta, G; Rasmussen, M;
-A reinterpretation of set differential equations as differential equations in a Banach spaceRasmussen, M; Rieger, J; Webster, KN; , et al
15-Jul-2016Approximation of reachable sets using optimal control and support vector machinesRasmussen, M; Rieger, J; Webster, KN;
27-Nov-2017The dichotomy spectrum for random dynamical systems and pitchfork bifurcations with additive noiseCallaway, M; Doan, TS; Lamb, JSW; Rasmussen, M; , et al