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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jun-2011Continuously monitored barrier options under Markov processesMijatovic, A; Pistorius, M; Madan, DB
28-Aug-2011How accurate are the nonlinear chemical Fokker-Planck and chemical Langevin equations?Grima, R; Thomas, P; Straube, AV
1-Oct-2011A Compactness Theorem for Complete Ricci ShrinkersHaslhofer, R; Mueller, R
25-Jul-2011Rational maps with real multipliersEremenko, A; Van Strien, S
5-Aug-2011Prethermalization in quenched spinor condensatesBarnett, R; Polkovnikov, A; Vengalattore, M
22-Feb-2011Quantum rotor theory of spinor condensates in tight trapsBarnett, R; Hui, HY; Lin, CH; Sau, JD; Sarma, SD
20-Apr-2011The geometry of sound rays in a windGibbons, GW; Warnick, CM
24-Apr-2011Price dynamics in a Markovian limit order marketCont, R; De Larrard, A
5-Aug-2011Lack of strong completeness for stochastic flowsLi, X-M; Scheutzow, M
30-Jun-2011A new class of Hamiltonian flows with random-walk behavior originating from zero-sum games and Fictitious PlayStrien, SV