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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Sep-2012Cell Division Site Placement and Asymmetric Growth in MycobacteriaJoyce, G; Williams, KJ; Robb, M; Noens, E; Tizzano, B, et al
26-Sep-2012Phase diagram and critical points of a double quantum dotNishikawa, Y; Crow, DJG; Hewson, AC
27-Feb-2012Markov Dynamics as a Zooming Lens for Multiscale Community Detection: Non Clique-Like Communities and the Field-of-View LimitSchaub, MT; Delvenne, J-C; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
23-Sep-2012Functional brain networks before the onset of psychosis: a prospective fMRI study with graph theoretical analysisLord, L-D; Allen, P; Expert, P; Howes, O; Broome, M, et al
1-Jul-2012Engineering and ethical perspectives in synthetic biologyAnderson, J; Strelkowa, N; Stan, G-B; Douglas, T; Savulescu, J, et al
31-Jan-2012Bayesian Group Factor AnalysisVirtanen, S; Klami, A; Khan, SA; Kaski, S
26-Oct-2012Rigidity of min-max minimal spheres in three-manifoldMarques, FC; Neves, A
12-Jun-2012Intrinsic Noise Analyzer: A Software Package for the Exploration of Stochastic Biochemical Kinetics Using the System Size ExpansionThomas, P; Matuschek, H; Grima, R
14-May-2012The slow-scale linear noise approximation: an accurate, reduced stochastic description of biochemical networks under timescale separation conditionsThomas, P; Straube, AV; Grima, R
19-Jul-2012Local metrics admitting a principal Killing–Yano tensor with torsionHouri, T; Kubizňák, D; Warnick, CM; Yasui, Y