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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2019CASMAP: detection of statistically significant combinations of SNPs in association mappingLlinares-López, F; Papaxanthos, L; Roqueiro, D; Bodenham, D; Borgwardt, K
11-Jul-2018Malware family discovery using reversible jump MCMC sampling of regimesBolton, A; Heard, N
30-Jan-2019Numerically modelling stochastic lie transport in fluid dynamicsCotter, CJ; Crisan, D; Holm, DD; Pan, W; Shevchenko, I, et al
17-Jun-2019Variable Prioritization in Nonlinear Black Box Methods: A Genetic Association Case StudyCrawford, L; Flaxman, SR; Runcie, DE; West, M
14-Jul-2017Comparative simulations of Taylor Flow with surfactants based on sharp- and diffuse-interface methodsAland, S; Hahn, A; Kahle, C; Nurnberg, R; Bothe, D, et al
Oct-2019On symplectic resolutions and factoriality of Hamiltonian reductionsBellamy, G; Schedler, T
26-Apr-2019A theoretical study of aqueous humor secretion based on a continuum model coupling electrochemical and fluid-dynamical transmembrane mechanismsSala, L; Mauri, A; Sacco, R; Messenio, D; Guidoboni, G, et al
19-Oct-2019A simple method for implementing Monte Carlo testsDing, D; Gandy, A; Hahn, G
1-Oct-2019Importance subsampling: Improving power system planning under climate-based uncertaintyHilbers, A; Brayshaw, D; Gandy, A
31-Dec-2018Sheaf counting on local K3 surfacesMaulik, D; Thomas, RP