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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2018Partial Hasse invariants, partial degrees and the canonical subgroupBijakowski, S
12-Oct-2014On the shallow atmosphere approximation in finite element dynamical coresCotter, CJ; Ham, DA; McRae, ATT; Mitchell, L; Natale, A
22-Dec-2015Randomisation and recursion methods for mixed-exponential Levy models, with financial applicationsMijatovic, A; Pistorius, M; Stolte, J
1-Jul-2015The Pfaffian-Grassmannian equivalence revisitedAddington, N; Donovan, W; Segal, E
17-Apr-2015K-Theoretic and Categorical Properties of Toric Deligne--Mumford StacksCoates, T; Iritani, H; Jiang, Y; Segal, E
19-May-2015Improving the Network Structure can lead to Functional FailuresPade, JP; Pereira, T
13-May-2016Analytic continuation on Shimura varieties with $╬╝$-ordinary locusBijakowski, S
14-Oct-2015Formes modulaires surconvergentes, ramification et classicit├ęBijakowski, S
8-May-2020Report 21: Estimating COVID-19 cases and reproduction number in BrazilMellan, T; Hoeltgebaum, H; Mishra, S; Whittaker, C; Schnekenberg, R, et al
30-Mar-2020Report 13: Estimating the number of infections and the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 in 11 European countriesFlaxman, S; Mishra, S; Gandy, A; Unwin, H; Coupland, H, et al