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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2017Vertical slice modelling of nonlinear Eady waves using a compatible finite element methodYamazaki, H; Shipton, J; Cullen, MJP; Mitchell, L; Cotter, CJ, et al
22-Nov-2016Compatible finite element spaces for geophysical fluid dynamicsNatale, A; Shipton, J; Cotter, CJ;
2-Jul-2016Weak dual pairs and jetlet methods for ideal incompressible fluid models in n >= 2 dimensionsCotter, CJ; Eldering, J; Holm, DD; Jacobs, HO; Meier, DM
11-Aug-2008A Euler–Poincaré framework for the multilayer Green–Nagdhi equationsPercival, JR; Cotter, CJ; Holm, DD
1-Apr-2018Corrigendum to: A variational H(div) finite-element discretization approach for perfect incompressible fluidsNatale, A; Cotter, CJ;
15-Dec-2018Higher-order compatible finite element schemes for the nonlinear rotating shallow water equations on the sphereShipton, J; Gibson, TH; Cotter, CJ; , et al
3-Apr-2017On the Calibration of Multilevel Monte Carlo Ensemble ForecastsGregory, ACA; Cotter, CJ
11-Nov-2015Automated generation and symbolic manipulation of tensor product finite elementsMcRae, ATT; Bercea, GT; Mitchell, L; Ham, DA; Cotter, CJ
-A domain-specific language for the hybridization and static condensation of finite element methodsGibson, TH; Mitchell, L; Ham, DA; Cotter, CJ; , et al
3-May-2016Multilevel Ensemble Transform Particle FilteringGregory, A; Cotter, CJ; Reich, S