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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2010A leap forward in geographic scale for forest ectomycorrhizal fungiCox, F; Barsoum, N; Bidartondo, MI; Borja, I; Lilleskov, E, et al
4-May-2010Differences in spawning date between populations of common frog reveal local adaptation.Phillimore, AB; Hadfield, JD; Jones, OR; Smithers, RJ
1-Oct-2006Modelling populations of long-lived birds of prey for conservation: A study of imperial eagles (Aquila heliaca) in KazakhstanKatzner, TE; Bragin, EA; Milner-Gulland, EJ
1-Mar-2001Low ectomycorrhizal inoculum potential and diversity from soils in and near ancient forests of bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva)Bidartondo, MI; Baar, J; Bruns, TD
1-Jan-2004A serological survey of ruminant livestock in Kazakhstan during post-Soviet transitions in farming and disease control.Lundervold, M; Milner-Gulland, EJ; O'Callaghan, CJ; Hamblin, C; Corteyn, A, et al
1-Apr-2005Insular carnivore biogeography: island area and mammalian optimal body size.Meiri, S; Simberloff, D; Dayan, T
1-Jun-2006Application of IUCN red listing criteria at the regional and national levels: A case study from central AsiaMilner-Gulland, EJ; Kreuzberg-Mukhina, E; Grebot, B; Ling, S; Bykova, E, et al
1-Jan-2009How to know unknown fungi: the role of a herbarium.Brock, PM; Döring, H; Bidartondo, MI
1-Sep-2009Waiting for fungi: the ectomycorrhizal invasion of lowland heathlandsCollier, FA; Bidartondo, MI
1-Aug-2009Comparative analysis of activator-Esigma54 complexes formed with nucleotide-metal fluoride analogues.Burrows, PC; Joly, N; Nixon, BT; Buck, M