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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2009Distributed Response Time Analysis of GSPN Models with MapReduceHaggarty, OJ; Knottenbelt, WJ; Bradley, JT
1-Apr-2010Evaluating fluid semantics for passive stochastic process algebra cooperationHayden, RA; Bradley, JT
1-Aug-2006Distributed computation of transient state distributions and passage time quantiles in large semi-Markov modelsBradley, JT; Dingle, NJ; Harrison, PG; Knottenbelt, WJ
15-Jul-2004Hypergraph-based parallel computation of passage time densities in large semi-Markov modelsBradley, JT; Dingle, NJ; Knottenbelt, WJ; Wilson, HJ
17-May-2010A fluid analysis framework for a Markovian process algebraHayden, RA; Bradley, JT
1-Oct-2004Stochastic Analysis of Scheduling Strategies in a Grid-based Resource ModelThomas, N; Bradley, JT; Knottenbelt, WJ