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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2008State-Space Size Estimation By Least-Squares FittingKnottenbelt, W; Dingle, N
Oct-2004Exploring the Barrier to Entry - Incremental Generational Garbage Collection for HaskellField, T; Cheadle, A; Peyton Jones, S; Marlow, S; While, R
31-Jul-2002Response Time Densities in Generalised Stochastic Petri Net Models.Dingle, N; Harrison, P; Knottenbelt, W
Jun-2006Process algebraic non-product-formsHarrison, P
2007Cluster Grid based Response-time analysis module for the PIPE Tool.Kulatunga, H; Argent-Katwala, A; Knottenbelt, WJ
Apr-2005Calibration of a Queueing Model of RAID SystemsZertal, S; Harrison, P
2004Using the VOM portal to manage policy within globus toolkit, community authorisation service & ICENI resourcesSaleem, A; Krznaric, M; Cohen, J; Newhouse, S; Darlington, J, et al
2005Observing internet worm and virus attacks with a small network telescopeHarder,U.; Johnson,M.W.; Bradley,J.T.; Knottenbelt,W.J.
1-Sep-2009Changing the Marks Based Culture of Learning through Peer Assisted TutorialsAplay, E; Cutler, P; Eisenbach, S; Field, T
31-Jul-2007Exploration of the network spun by website usersEvans, T; Argent-Katwala, A; Harder, U