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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2007Fluid-flow solutions in PEPA to the state space explosion problemHayden, R; Bradley, J
31-Dec-2006A Novel Approach to Workload Allocation of QoS-Constrained Workflow-Based Jobs in a Utility GridPatel, Y; Darlington, J
1-Jan-2003Performance queries on Semi-Markov Stochastic Petri nets with an extended continuous Stochastic logicBradley, JT; Dingle, NJ; Harrison, PG; Knottenbelt, WJ
31-Dec-1997Parallel Simulation of Complex Plankton EcosystemsField, T; Warren, S; Woods, J; To, H
1-Jan-2008Modelling and Validation of Response Times in Zoned RAIDLebrecht, AS; Dingle, NJ; Knottenbelt, WJ
1-May-1986Performance modelling of parallel computer architecturesHarrison, P; Field, T
1-Jan-2008Fluid semantics for passive stochastic process algebra cooperationHayden, RA; Bradley, JT
31-Jul-2009Truncation of Passage-time Calculations in Semi-Markov ModelsGuenther, MC; Bradley, JT; Dingle, NJ; Knottenbelt, WJ
31-Jul-2008Validation of Large Zoned RAID SystemsLebrecht, A; Dingle, N; Knottenbelt, W
31-Dec-2002Distributed solution of large markov models using asynchronous iterations and graph partitioningDingle, NJ; Knottenbelt, WJ