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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2006Quantiles of Sojourn TimesKnottenbelt, W; Harrison, P
1-Sep-2009Changing the Marks Based Culture of Learning through Peer Assisted TutorialsAplay, E; Cutler, P; Eisenbach, S; Field, T
31-Jul-2007Exploration of the network spun by website usersEvans, T; Argent-Katwala, A; Harder, U
17-May-2010A fluid analysis framework for a Markovian process algebraHayden, RA; Bradley, JT
1-Jan-2008SIMULATION AND MODELLING OF RAID 0 SYSTEM PERFORMANCEWan, F; Dingle, NJ; Knottenbelt, WJ; Lebrecht, AS; Bertelle C, Ayesh A
1-Oct-2004Stochastic Analysis of Scheduling Strategies in a Grid-based Resource ModelThomas, N; Bradley, JT; Knottenbelt, WJ
26-Mar-2009Automated Customer-Centric Performance Analysis of Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets Using Tagged TokensKnottenbelt, W; Dingle, N
30-Apr-2003Distributed Computation of Passage Time Quantiles and Transient State Distributions in Large Semi-Markov ModelsBradley, J; Dingle, N; Harrison, P; Knottenbelt, W
1-Jan-2007Approximate Queueing Network Analysis of Patient Treatment TimesAu-Yeung, S; Knottenbelt, W; Harrison, P
30-Jun-2009Fluid passage-time calculation in large Markov modelsHayden, R; Bradley, J