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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2003HYDRA: HYpergraph-based distributed response-time analyserDingle, NJ; Harrison, PG; Knottenbelt, WJ; Arabnia HR, Mun Y
1-Dec-2006A novel approach to allocating QoS-constrained workflow-based jobs in a multi-cluster gridPatel, Y; Darlington, J
31-Dec-2003Extracting passage times from PEPA models with the HYDRA tool: a case studyBradley, JT; Dingle, NJ; Gilmore, ST; Knottenbelt, WJ; Jarvis SA
1-Aug-2004Uniformization and hypergraph partitioning for the distributed computation of response time in very large Markov modelsDingle, NJ; Harrison, PG; Knottenbelt, WJ
31-Jul-2008ODE-based general moment approximations for PEPAHayden, R; Bradley, J
31-Mar-2009PIPE2: A Tool for the Performance Evaluation of Generalised Stochastic Petri NetsDingle, N; Knottenbelt, W; Suto, T
31-Aug-2009Spatial extension of stochastic Pi calculusStefanek, A; Vigliotti, M; Bradley, J
31-Jul-2007Response Time Approximations in Fork-Join QueuesLebrecht, A; Knottenbelt, W
31-Dec-2002Passage time distributions in large Markov chainsHarrison,P.G.; Knottenbelt,W.J.
16-Aug-2004Expressing performance requirements using regular expressions to specify stochastic probes over process algebra modelsArgent-Katwala, A; Bradley, JT; Dingle, NJ